Writing Is Boring To Some, Unpopular To Many…Which Is Why I Love It So Much

Wonderful thoughts on writing here Robert and I agree completely!

People's Court


I don’t follow the crowd. I’m not going to say “Never have, never will,” because there WAS once a time I followed what others did, simply because I was taught to do so. However, I don’t do it now and haven’t for many years. I learned a long time ago that the best way to mediocrity is to follow what the crowd is doing, which is often, not very much. The “crowd” often points fingers, judges others, makes excuses, is sometimes downright lazy, and the list goes on. When I decided that I did NOT want to be that way, I simply chose not to be.

When it comes to writing, many are bored with the mere thought of it. Writing is also not the most popular thing out there. Now it could be looked at as boring AND unpopular or it’s boring BECAUSE it’s unpopular. Either way, a lot…

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