… ‘Well Done’… prob’ly the two most motivational WURDS ever…

Seumas Gallacher


…one of this ol’ Jurassic’s greatest pleasures is transforming into a couch potato at the weekends and midweek when the English Premier League football games are screened live here to the Middle East… and today, as part of the television previews of the Boxing Day matches, a feature called ‘Meet The Boss’ featured one of my favourite footballing characters, Harry RedknappLUV ‘IM or HATE ’IM, he’s always interesting…


…as a Club Manager over the last thirty-plus years, he’s been notable in transforming ordinary teams into winners… but the biggest thing I took away from his interview today was the simple mechanism he constantly uses… regularly saying ’Well Done’to his players and coaching staff… even if they don’t win… if they give of their best, that’s all he asks… let me flip that on to our own quill-scrapers’ metier… it’s widely accepted that being a writer…

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