5 Easy Steps to Successfully Write, Publish and Promote Your Book!

I hit reblog too soon and didn’t get to add my comments. 🙂

If you actually take the few minutes it requires to read this post, you’ll see that there is no such thing as a quick and easy way to be successful. It takes hard work and plenty of it. There is no “get published quick and easy” manual. However, the steps are on point. You simply need to fill in the blanks with actual work.

Thank you Susan Toy for breaking it all down for us. 😉

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OR … How I Nearly Became an Overnight Success After My Forty Year-Apprenticeship in the Book Business!

If you read my bio you’ll realize I have worked with books and authors in one way or another for most of my life. I have experience as a bookseller, a publishers’ sales rep, a promoter (a self-styled Author Impresario!), a speaker, a student of writing, editing and publishing, a published author, and a publisher of my own and other authors’ work. I’ve been writing this blog on-and-off for almost ten years, and have discussed the book business here, made friends with like-minded authors and readers, networked and reached many other people in the business, made many friends and connected with even more colleagues, have shared a great deal of information I discovered over the years on the topics of Publishing, Reading, and Writing (hence the name of this blog …), followed and…

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4 thoughts on “5 Easy Steps to Successfully Write, Publish and Promote Your Book!

    • I have to be honest and say at first I was thinking, “What the heck is this chick doing? There’s nothing here.” LOL Then about half way in I had the aha moment and nodded to your brilliance. 🙂

      • I posted an extra comment on the blog when I realized my sarcasm may not have been translating well on the internet. But you got it in a nutshell in your comments at the top of your reblog of this, so I thank you very much for pointing that out to your readers.

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