Get The Blue Diamond – The Razor’s Edge

Get The Blue Diamond – The Razor’s Edge now…the next book in the series is coming soon!
FIVE STARS! “Love it, love it, love it! The Blue Diamond by P. S. Bartlett, the flagship book in her new series, The Razor’s Edge is an historical romance lover’s dream! Ms. Bartlett has dared to create a tale of adventure and intrigue on the sea, shining the spotlight on a remarkable group of women that prove being a pirate isn’t a boy’s only club! Each character, no matter how brief their appearance is fully developed, uniquely displayed and often comically charming. No heaving bosoms here, unless it’s to trap a man! Fun, with some high action, history comes to life with a swashbuckling flare! Grab your gold earring and come aboard for some great reading where men are men and women are smarter!”

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