…Authors… just a wee WURD about getting negative reviews…

Wise words as always!

Seumas Gallacher

…if yeez are like me, fellow Lads and Lassies of Blog Land, yeez’ll remember well the first ever ‘bad’ review for any of yer masterpieces… the pink cloud of having finished the first novel was still my principal means of transportation when the thunderbolt struck… a flurry of ‘nice’ supportive reviews had already landed on the Great God Amazon pages… there I was, this  ol’ Jurassic, now a Proper Published Scribbler, getting real reviews from real people… the universe was beautifully smudgy round the edges, like when the dentist gives you a tad too much of the laughing gas… then in came the party-spoiler with a stab to the literary heart… ouch!…and ouch! again… a thousand times ouch!…


…the initial reaction of course, is hurt… followed by a modicum of resentment… oh. alright, a ton of resentment, bordering on outright hatred… but, sensibility settled in… the guy had…

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