The Blue Diamond – The Razor’s Edge ***

The Blue Diamond – The Razor’s Edge ***Only $2,99!***
Five Stars!
“Washing ashore, sunburned, starved, and half conscious, pirate captain Ivory Shepherd is rescued by a man who has plans for her no better than the danger she hardly escaped at sea. The unexpected romance that unfurls between Ivory and her captor, the notorious pirate captain Blacksnake, changes the courses of two opposing pirate crews, making enemies of allies and allies of enemies. The unexpected twists and turns provoked by the deeply layered desires and emotions of these colorful characters prove time after time that one can never trust a pirate, but the glimpses of loyalty shown among these sea roving thieves was just as much a cause for my speeding turning of the pages. I never wanted to put this book down, but when I did I found myself daydreaming about what would come next, and what was next surprised me time after time.”

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