The Struggle Is Real – My Self Publishing Journey

With the assistance of my great author friend, Cristi Taijeron, as well as my former publisher, Ravenswood, I do believe my launch date for Demons & Pearls will be APRIL 14, 2015!

However, This journey is not without its struggles.

Demons & PearlsFortunately, my former publisher was kind enough to give me my templates from The Blue Diamond, which saved me a tremendous amount of work in formatting. Cristi has hung with me every step of the way as well with encouragement and guidance.

I have been very fortunate indeed to have had an excellent editor in Suzanne Hege and my own fine tooth comb provided me with a ZERO error grade in Createspace’s spell check.

Don’t ask me how many times I uploaded the file because I lost count. Always some little thing to drive you crazy but it is oh so worth it to get it right.

Now, because I definitely don’t want to sound like some big headed first timer, tonight I decided to proof the book one more time (which is most likely the 100th time) and guess what?


Yes! The struggle is oh so real! I had to laugh at myself though because I have had the week from hell stress wise with family things and I honestly thought I’d find way more than one big fat error so I was elated to only find this one.

The real struggle now is that I could fix it in a heartbeat and re-upload the file for the last and final time but…


Thank goodness I still have a week!

I’m still looking for blog tour hosts as well so if you’d be interested in hosting me on your blog, please let me know!

Peace out!


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