…Vogue for Bravehearts… no sporrans were harmed in the making of this Blog Post…

Seumas Gallacher

…a week ago, this ol’ Jurassic was privileged to be the Guest Speaker at The American Womens Association in Bahrain… it was a remarkably lively affair, and the Q and A session produced a surprising amount of enquiries into my apparel of the day… my kilt… it occurs to me that the intricacies and mysteries of my Scottish National Dress may be a source of puzzlement to many of yeez not blessed to have been born in the Land of the Haggis… hence the notion to elaborate and arm yeez with a whole new bunch of trivia with which to amaze yer friends at yer next dinner party…

kilt 2

…a descriptive essay on each element of the ensemble could run to thousands of WURDS… but for the Dedicated Followers of Caledonian Fashion, a more succinct summary follows:

Brogues… these are the solid, leather footwear…

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