The Birth of A Pirate – In Ivory’s Own Words

Author P.S. Bartlett

The Birth of a Pirate by P.S. Bartlett

As told by Ivory Shepard

P.S. Bartlett Demons and Pearls CoverI can scarcely remember the fire back in Warwick, the year Great Uncle William brought us to the colonies fromEngland. The stories were vivid enough though, to leave the impression of those memories as if they were our own. A month after we’d lost our homes and our town was levelled; we were swept away by Uncle William and Aunt Margaret Shepard and brought to their home in Charles Towne, South Carolina. My cousins Miranda, Keara and Cassandra were barely walking and talking but we were completely adored and covered in their love and shelter. Our parents stayed behind to rebuild and planned to retrieve us as soon as they could. Sadly, that day was swallowed up by the sea during a storm and their ship was lost and never seen again on either side of the…

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