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Help Me Name A #PirateShip! 

Help! Well okay, this isn’t exactly a life threatening help but this is a literary FUN cry for help. How would you like to help me name the next pirate ship in Jaded Tides, today?

This ship and crew of pirates are definitely baddies. These guys are rough, gruff and do not play around. Unfortunately, this bad ass treasure hunting bucket of rum and guns is a brig. She sits about 130 feet long and has 18 gun ports.

By the way if I choose your suggestion, I’ll give you credit in my acknowledgements as well as a signed paperback for USA readers! ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ Ready, set…Name her!!!

TIME FOR A VOTE! Please cast your vote HERE!



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59 thoughts on “Help Me Name A #PirateShip! 

      1. You know how much I love this stuff, right? 😉 Creating these stories and sharing in the fun of creating them is pure joy! And yes, these pirates just keep coming and coming!

  1. Pirates are a superstitious lot, so naming a ship is considered directly related to its future fortunes. It would help to know more about the story, but looking at some historical favourites and extrapolating from there;
    or if the crew like to live on the edge, the Tiamat (Chaos goddess, gives birth to monsters)
    or if you prefer something indicating good fortune, there is a list of historic pirate ship names
    Something like The Gentleman’s Fortune or Siren of Fortune would fit into traditional format.

  2. Since she’s a brig, how about using the archaic word “Gaoler” in the name? A couple of possbilities: “The Bloody Gaoler ” or “The Drunken Gaoler” or “The Dancing Gaoler” or “The Thieving Gaoler” or “The Gilded Gaoler”?

  3. I say: Widow Maker I am not sure if anyone else suggested this yet, I really didn’t want to read the others before submitting Good Luck!!!

  4. Oh my goodness there are so many great ones to choose from! I think I’m going to have to hold a vote over on my Razor’s Adventures Facebook page to help me! I’ll gather all of these suggestions up this evening and put up a link to the vote!
    Thank you all SO much! This has been so much fun!:)

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