My First CON – #Spartacon – Can We Just Say #WOW! My #Voyage in Life Continues!

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My Spartacon Adventure…

I copied the first part of this from my Facebook page because of it’s relevance: 

As most of you who know me, know, I’m kind of quirky and have varied interests. Sometimes, I even surprise myself!
Lately, I’ve been sort of working behind the scenes on my bucket list. Nothing too crazy or outlandish, just stepping outside of the box and trying things I’ve always wanted to but before, either lacked the nerve or feared what those closest to me might think about me running off alone and doing something without consulting with everyone around me to see what they thought.
Well, that’s exactly what I’ve done and in doing this, I know I’ll be a happier, contented woman!
A couple months ago, I found out that one of my all time FAVORITE television shows was going to be honored with a convention, right here in Maryland! Since the series began, as those closest to me will tell you, I have LOVED this show and watched it religiously every Friday night on STARZ, for the mere four seasons it aired.
While checking out the web site, I found they were looking for volunteers for the con and on a whim, I signed up! They graciously accepted me and next weekend (Now this past weekend), I will proudly be serving the Red Serpents at Spartacon and meeting hundreds of other fans, as well as hopefully meeting and greeting (and possibly fainting j/k) some of my favorite actors and actresses from the show!
Obviously my obsession with history and historical fiction is insatiable, so to be able to support such a wonderful and exciting event such as Spartacon, has captured my imagination and given me something that for once, is solely about me and what I want to do. This is so empowering and bold that it’s given me a whole new outlook on what I am capable of! Who’d have thought at my age I’d be volunteering at a con and going off alone to meet people I’ve so much in common with yet never met face to face?
I’d like to thank the organizers of this event and especially Kelly McLeod Montgomery, Meg Snyder and our team captain, Penelope Talleur, for taking me on and entrusting me with being a volunteer. You ladies rock and I can’t wait to meet you upon the sands of the arena! I stand ready to serve!
Who knows? Next year, maybe San Diego! After all, Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales and Batman VS Superman Dawn of Justice is coming!
Wish me luck!

Let me tell you all, I had no expectations going into this because I had no idea what to expect. I did however know I’m a great team player, I jump in with both feet and I also know my limitations and have no problem stating them up front. The organizers and team leaders were awesome and entrusted me to be a celebrity handler (assistant basically) for my favorite male actor on the show, Dan Feuerriegel, who played Agron!

I set out on Saturday morning, August 15th on my lonesome, and headed down to Waldorf, MD to the Blue Crab Stadium, which is a lovely venue by the way. I arrived at 8:50 AM and almost immediately went to work. My partner and co-assistant and I quickly got acquainted and divied up our responsibilities for the two day con, the first of which was simply making sure Dan had us at his disposal at all times and that whatever it took, all three of us would have a con experience we could all feel great about and remember forever.

First of all, we’re talking August in Maryland and we were in the open ended interior of the ball park. It was hot. I’m certain the temperature was in the 80’s but there was an occasional breeze which always seemed to arrive just when we thought we’d all melt.

As we sat there chatting, planning and hydrating at 10:00am, we hear, “The celebrities have arrived,” over the PA system and I turned to my right to find all of the cast members who would be in attendance, sans Manu Bennett, walking straight towards us.

I must admit, it was as surreal as surreal gets, especially since the night before, I had marathoned most of the first season: Blood and Sand, and had even dreamed about the show. There they were, the most beautiful people I’d ever seen in the flesh, walking towards us. I don’t know what I expected. Shouldn’t they be like floating or riding in on gossamer wings or something? I mean these people are fucking BEAUTIFUL. Perfect even. However, what my eyes didn’t see was something else and something even more important than their flawless skin and incredible physiques…

They were all, every single one of them, beautiful on the inside too.

When Dan approached my partner Elissa and me and shook our hands and introduced himself (Haha like we didn’t know who you were, Dan) I was immediately at ease. Real hands, real eyes, real dimples and REAL TALL. Lawd Jesus the man is a sight to behold, which explains why he’s a star. I’ve met plenty of celebrities in my life and they really do all have that something you can’t put your finger on…although you’d probably like to haha. Dan was genuine. He was truly a gentleman and a class act. Polite, generous with his time when his fans approached for autographs or photos and above all, so sweet I thought I’d need dental work when the con was over.

THEY ALL WERE. Every single one of these people were unbelievably amazing.

It didn’t matter that I barely ate a morsel of food. It didn’t matter that I held off on bathroom breaks because it was our duty to never leave him unattended. It didn’t matter that I threatened someone for not having coffee ready for him in the green room when he needed it 😉 . it didn’t matter that I probably did not sit down for more than five minutes at a time. I had plenty of water and an abundance of joy, every time I saw the looks on his fans faces when they approached his table and he smiled, again and again to greet them. The energy and electricity of it all was infectious. Not once did he complain. Not once did he even hint that he was the least bit uncomfortable. His schedule was pretty grueling but he appeared to welcome it with open arms, as he did every person who stood before him.

Can you believe I was basically forced to take pictures of this man all day for two days in a row??? What kind of bloody torture was this??? 😉 The kind I highly recommend. Watching him smile through countless cell phone cameras and Nikons repeatedly fueled my tank and kept me on my feet for nearly twelve hours.

Did I really care or concern myself with anything or anyone else around me? Well, not really, except when I had to and when it was required for me to do so and when those moments arose, I did them joyfully and with vigor.

From here forward, I’m going to paint this picture for you, well, in pictures. By all means, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Volunteer Team getting ready

Fans arriving

Manu Bennet leading gladiator training

One of the many panels at the con. This one was “The Generals.”

The generals: Dan Feuerrigel, Liam McIntyre, Manu Bennett and Dustin Clare

The first of Dan’s meet and greets with his fans in his suite at the ball park.

This man makes the best faces lol I brought him a Baltimore Ravens Hat. No way was he coming to Maryland and not taking home a piece of us!

Oh, where did he get that copy of Demons & Pearls? 😉

Manu aka The Energizer Bunny dashing by. This man cannot stay still 🙂

This young man is a fabulous artist and gave Dan a print of a painting he did for him.

A lovely fan dressed in her Roman gown.

The handsome and sweet Barry Duffield aka LUGO on Spartacus. He is not only an actor and hunk of handsomeness, he is also a dedicated writer! I blogged about him a couple years ago. You can read it here:

I just don’t know what to say about this man. Liam McIntyre aka Spartacus is simply divine. He’s handsome, witty, sweet, oozes positive energy and he has this open and welcoming spirit the moment you make eye contact with him. That is something that comes from the heart.

Viva Bianca…what can I say? She is so beautiful and has such a lovely spirit. She was graceful, kind and generous with her time with her fans. Believe me, beauty is far more than skin deep with this woman, even if her character Illithia was a total shrew lol

Anatonio Te-Maioha aka Barca. You see this hug? Yep, it felt as good as it looks. What a genuine and caring man he is. He is Māori which in an of itself makes him a very spiritual and grounded person, which you can see and feel in his presence. Go check out his bio on his Facebook Fan page. He’s pretty amazing.

Check your ovaries ladies. They may have just exploded. This is Dan and an adorable baby named Jackson. Dan loved Jackson. Dan held Jackson every chance he could. This man is going to make one damn fine Daddy one day…hopefully soon. I hope his girlfriend is reading this lol (Just kidding!)

Dan with Jackson as usual. This is Vanessa Cater. She is absolutely gorgeous. Click the photo to check out her Facebook Page!

What do the stars of Spartacus do to unwind after a long day at Spartacon? Play baseball of course! This was kind of a Twilight Zone moment for me. I couldn’t believe I was watching gladiators play baseball. lol

One of many hilarious moments between Liam and Todd Lasance.

Like I said…BEAUTIFUL people. Here they are posing for a group photo with a fan…the lovely lady in Roman garb.

Look at this poor man after one day with me! I told him we could start a hair band lol (actually we were just horsing around for a silly pic) Truth is, I feel so blessed to have been able to spend two days of my life catering to this guy right here. Click the photo to go directly to his Facebook Fan Page and like it. He’s one in a million and I mean that. He’s a class act who deserves nothing but the most successful and rewarding career an actor could have. I hope he isn’t too nice for Hollywood. Love ya Dan!

 I’d also like to mention that the volunteers at this event were incredible. Everyone was on their A game and brought energy, smiles and professionalism to their positions. From the ladies and gentlemen at the front gate to the security team, celebrity assistants, organizers etc., everyone was in it to win it and win it we did!

Well….back to reality but I have to say, this weekend was everything and more I could have imagined. Being Dan Feuerriegel’s handler aka personal assistant, fan line wrangler, coffee fetcher, and photographer was such an honor. Fabulous actor, animal rights supporter, kitten and baby lover and all around awesome human being. Thank you‪ ‎Spartacon‬ for giving me this wonderful opportunity to enjoy all of these actors from one of my all time favorite TV series’.

Dreams do come true.

3 thoughts on “My First CON – #Spartacon – Can We Just Say #WOW! My #Voyage in Life Continues!

  1. Hey Bartlett, thank you for sharing this great review! I’m really glad you had this opportunity, you are such a lucky woman. I think everyone of his fans would have loved doing your job!
    I can also imagine you had a blast! You are also very lucky to meet them all, would love to meet Gwendoline, Vanessa, Barry, Antonio, Todd and Anna so much too! I wanted to come to Spartacon, but as I’m a student, I don’t have so much money and I’m going to Paris already. If there will be a second edition, I won’t think twice! Or I might try to present myself as a photographer or I also want to try to be a volunteer too! It looks so cool to try this one time in your life, it’s not because I want to be close to the actor, I’ve always wanted to try this at every event possible. I think that this might open me up a bit as I’m a little bit shy. I really think those actors open me up more, when I saw them, I didn’t feel shy and during a meet and greet with them all, I had that feeling I’ve known them for ages! So if they accept someone from Europe, it would be cool.
    I’m glad you met them, in my eyes each fan deserves a chance to meet them all! I hope there will be more Spartacus conventions, otherwise I hope those who never met them can see them at another convention! I like the part where he presents himself, so funny. It’s like saying: “yes, we watch Spartacus but we don’t know you!” LOL I’m sure he appreciated all your work you did for him with your whole heart and that he enjoyed himself.
    Thank you for sharing those pics and videos and those stories, it’s always a pleasure for those who couldn’t come to read and see this! I hope you also had a time to breath! lol Also thank you for the hard work you did for him, thank you to all the volunteers who helped him but also the others who helped the other actors. And the big thank you goes to Kelly for making such a great convention, I’m sure you all had a blast and the actors too! I really hope there will be a second edition! Because, even if I didn’t go to the convention, I had the con blues. And it looked all so great, I want to see that in real life and live it with other fans. I know this won’t be easy to take your normal life back, it took me months I think because I had a very good time, last year.
    I know Dan is such a great man, I met him last year in Paris, and he was very cool with me! Can’t wait to meet him soon again! If I hadn’t followed or met him, I wouldn’t have had this chance to meet part of this bunch of great people and fans from all over the world!
    I also think Dan is ready to be a father, look how calm he was with Jackson, it looked like he was in his own world, it was so sweet, I was melting.
    Thank you for this review, those videos, pictures, I all love it and good luck for the other conventions. I hope they will hire you, they have to after this lol! Wish you good luck with the con blues, the lovely week, and good luck with your new adventures!


    Greetings from Belgium!

  2. Thank you for a wonderful article, and especially the photos: I’m the “lady in the Roman garb.” This is really timely, as I’ll be celebrating the convention life for 40 years this coming Labor Day Weekend [Trekon 1975 in West Palm Beach, FL]. I always enjoy the perspective of a first-time con-goer, and you’ve gone much further than most by also being a volunteer as well. I think that’s more fun anyway, as you’re not just sitting while the events are performed in front of you. Although this is the first con held in a stadium, the elements are the same as those held at hotels and convention centers, and possibly better. Maneuvering in mega-crowds in a wheelchair gets old in a hurry [DragonCon Atlanta, MegaCon Orlando, and San Diego Comic Con]. I was very comfortable here ~ just because a site is advertized as “fully-accessible” doesn’t mean it really is;I had to see it for myself to believe it. I’m waiting for the announcement for next year’s SpartaCon ~ doesn’t matter where, as I’ll be flying [no more road trips] or when, as I’m retired. Maybe I’ll even let my husband tag along next time.

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