Review for The Blue Diamond by P.S. Bartlett!

Hang in there Cassandra, there’s more of your book husband coming soon! Thank you so much for this fun and positive review! As a writer, there’s nothing better than knowing how much a reader loves all of your hard work!

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*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*

Wow. P.S. You have done it again!
I had no idea how much I missed this world until I cracked this book open. Oh, how I swoon at the language! It’s just so witty with a hint of passion that it makes me blubber like a fool. Anyway, Ivory is honestly one of the best heroines I have ever read about. I mean, what is there not to like about a female pirate?! That’s right, nothing. She is as badass as they come and I wish I could switch spots with her sometimes. Mostly on the times where a certain Blacksnake is present. Oh, baby! I won’t dare break it off with my book husband (P.S. you know who) but this man is up there in my book boyfriend list. The things he said, jeez. I don’t know how I’m not a…

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