Set sail in a pirate tale – My review of Jaded Tides by @PSBartlett

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Shining Seeds

Come let author P.S. Bartlett take you on an adventure – on the high seas. Climb aboard her book “Jaded Tides”.


“Jaded Tides” is a Historical Romance Adventure by P.S. Bartlett. It is the latest in her “the Razors Adventures Pirate Tales” series. Bartlett first published the book “the Blue Diamond” which takes place further down the line to this “Jaded Ties” book.

“Jaded Tides” takes place after the adventure set out in “Demons and Pearls” – where we are introduced to the heroines’ Ivory Shepard’s first love – Captain Rasmus Bergman (Big Red). While the book is certainly a fast-paced adventure on the high seas, it is also a passionate love story. I liked Rasmus in “Demons and Pearls” – I completely fell head over heels in love with him right along with the heroine, in  “Jaded Tides”.  Jaded Tides takes Ivory and Rasmus on an adventure to save…

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