My #Review of Cristi Taijeron’s Newest Novel – King of My Nightmare

So first of all, let’s hear it for this incredible cover!


When Cristi told me she was writing this book I was so stoked! I love this character and knowing we’d be finding out his back story and how he became the man he did had me chomping at the bit and secretly wishing she’d allow me the opportunity to beta/proofread for her. Thank goodness she did! I LOVE her writing style as well as her quest for perfection in everything she does. If you’re not gobbling up her books my friends, you are truly missing out!

Here is my official review of KING OF MY NIGHTMARE! Click the book cover above to go and get your own copy!

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

To become a pirate king, you must make many sacrifices along the way.
Love, lives, blood and innocence to name only a few. Mason Bentley paid every price to sit upon that throne and yet, there was no time to take a seat. Pirate kings don’t rule from a chair; they rule from the deck of a ship, surrounded by their loyal and often times deadly court of dark knights awaiting his call to duty.
I loved this story but then again, what’s not to love about Mason Bentley? Finding out who he was and where he came from was like a dream come true! However, his life was definitely more of a nightmare at times than a dream. Defending his sister’s honor, standing his ground against unscrupulous men and fending off a lousy, good for nothing father were only the beginning and this was all while he was still just a boy. However, having been raised by a strong and grounded grandfather, who insisted Mason always be a man of honor, gave him everything he needed to get on the right path. Don’t mistake me here, honor comes in many shapes and sizes and one size definitely doesn’t fit all. Often times we have to do things we never thought we would in order to reach that honorable conclusion. Mason didn’t hesitate to clear the road at every turn in order to reach his honorable endings, regardless of who stood in his way.
Sorry, I’m not going to give you any spoilers but I will tell you this book is a voyage and a journey from a quiet farm in England to some of the most treacherous islands in the Caribbean. All throughout, a boy is becoming a man and man, is becoming a King!

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