Don’t Just Consider What the Author Thinks

HarsH ReaLiTy

RobinWThe moment I laid eyes on this meme, this entire post flooded my foggy head. I’ve been dealing with allergies for about five days now and have barely been able to hear from the pressure in my head so being able to focus my thoughts properly has been nothing short of impossible. I’d like to thank Mister Williams here (GRHS) for the plunger.

July 4, 2016 through July 8, 2016, I ran a free Amazon promotion on six of my books, in an attempt to generate interest, reviews and of course sales. Apparently that was a pretty good strategy since they are in fact selling quite well and on top of that, Fireflies has added 26 verified purchase reviews and it’s ranking has stayed in the four digit range on Amazon for two weeks now. I’m not picking out the beach house by any means but improvement is better than…

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