Pre-Order Now Available for Beyond the Ruby Moon #Preorder

Beyond The Ruby Moon – Available for pre-order @!

Left behind in Port Royal, alone and wounded, Ivory Shepard fights her way out of her sick bed to search for her missing cousins.

As she sets out on her own journey, Rasmus and the crew come up empty on Tortuga but find a bit of information that turns the whole expedition bottoms up.

The girls have been kidnapped by a deadly pirate who goes by the name, the Bull. With his reputation for taking no bullshit, the girls must proceed with caution, but when he meets Keara, will she take that Bull by the horns or will his convictions and hunger for revenge blow their budding romance right out of the water?

Get the entire series today @

Ivory Dawn

Amber Wake

Demons & Pearls

Jaded Tides

Beyond the Ruby Moon

The Blue Diamond

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