The Flu and What Comes Next

Hey friends, so the flu bug got me. It started yesterday and got progressively worse, attacking with a fierce and relentless migraine that was mostly taken down from a ten to about a four with extra-strength Tylenol.


My son drove me to the ExpressCare clinic where I was diagnosed, given three prescriptions and sent home to rest which I’ve pretty much done all day and will be (supposed to be ) doing tomorrow.

Needless to say, I didn’t get any writing done today and now it’s almost midnight so chapter eleven will be a day late (I hope). It all depends on this headache. The fever also keeps me down because it makes me feel so sluggish. Wah wah wah right?!

So real quick, mostly because I’m really tired, I guess because my body is working overtime to rid itself of this foreign virus, I wanted to say thank you for hanging in there with this story. It really means a lot to me. I keep getting this feeling like something major is going to happen with my career soon only which career? Will it be my writing which I hope for a have worked so hard for or will it be my day job?

You know, it isn’t like I don’t like my day job or anything but I know in my bones that sales and marketing is not what I was born to do but rather something I’m able to use most of my skills and gifts to succeed at. I enjoy aspects of the job and love my coworkers like family but writing is truly my heart’s desire. It’s what puts me in that zone of yes, this is me. This is what I was born to do…be a story teller. This is where I find the most joy and satisfaction. This is what my heart sings for.

I’m also thinking about writing a screenplay. I’m going to start looking into the mechanics of it and if anyone out there has any advice or tips I’d greatly appreciate it. I feel like I’m supposed to be trying new things and even at my age, new things get me all fired up!

There just aren’t enough hours, days, weeks, months or years left for me to do and write all of the things I want to. It’s very frustrating but I accept the fact that as long as I keep doing what I love, the universe is going to reward me with success, whatever that success might be. Success to me is sharing my writing with the world and having as many people as possible read my work and enjoy it.

Well, here’s to a good night’s sleep and getting rid of this flu headache so I can focus on writing the next chapter in Broken Shutters. I’m probably going to stick with that title since it’s grown on me. 🙂

Be good to each other and find joy everywhere you go.

Love ya!


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