Broken Shutters Update and Distribution News

Big news! Soon Broken Shutters in eBook format will be available on almost every book platform and in every country available! Other formats coming soon!

Update on my Amazon FREE Kindle promotion

I offered Broken Shutters for FREE on Kindle for five days. I enlisted both Book Butterfly and The Fussy Librarian to assist me with marketing the book.

Book Butterly provided a steady albeit slow stream of “sales,” but with my added Fussy Librarian ad on 12/7/22, my end total for the five days was 2,382 free downloads!

The residual effects of this are my primary goal.

  • Readers
  • Reviewers
  • Referrals

With the decent success of my paid advertising, along with social media and shares, I’m very satisfied with the results.

Adding my book to Draft2Digital, which has partnered with Smashwords, was a decision I had to make. These platforms not only support independent authors but also keep track of your sales and ensure your book gets in front of the biggest best-seller lists if they merit that distinction. The other platforms do NOT promote you like these two do.

Within the coming days, I’ll be adding my paperback to these platforms as well. With reviews starting to come in as well as many people adding the book on Goodreads, I can’t let the momentum slow down. Now is not the time to let off the gas and coast. Now is the time to keep applying every amount of pressure necessary to ensure the success of Broken Shutters.

We don’t spend hundreds of hours pouring our hearts and souls into our books to put them out there and sit back and wait for the world to discover them. We have to stand on that busy street corner like a newsboy and sell that book!

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