A Fun New Short Story Series!

If you enjoy novellas or short stories, I’ve recently published three that I finished this month.

These are all clean reads that are suitable for teens and up.

Two teens’ summer vacation at the beach is turned upside down when a young mermaid appears and asks them for help to get home. The Navy’s sonar testing is at it again; this time, it’s pushed poor Coral way off course and too far from home. Her sense of direction isn’t working.
Almost out of hope, Coral spots two teenagers on the beach in Ocean City, MD, and takes a chance at asking them for help. Temple Banks and her friend Brad initially don’t believe their eyes and ears, but Coral quickly teaches them that mermaids do exist and, as marine mammals, they can suffer the same sonic disruptions as dolphins and whales.
Unable to convince her father to help, Temple relies on an old friend and his fishing boat. Together, they join up to lead Coral home. Unfortunately, someone else spotted Coral too, and he’s only out for himself. Adventure ensues when Temple refuses to give up, and soon, she and Brad are being pursued by a money-hungry millionaire who only wants to capture Coral and sell her to the highest bidder.

To all those who believe in Mermaids, Fairies, and all the other mythical creatures of the world. Like Tinkerbell said…I believe.

A young artist on the brink of epic success realizes her nightmares may not be nightmares after all.
When Andrea Grant starts having bazaar dreams that repeat almost nightly, she begins creating a series of paintings that has her both baffled and annoyed. However, these paintings are unique, and her agent has arranged a big gallery showing for her on her birthday. That same night, the dreams take a new turn, and she finds herself running for her life in a world she never imagined.
Her routine, boring awake life, which she prefers, spins out of control when her brother returns from Europe, and a wealthy British art dealer is romantically pursuing her after meeting her at the gallery show. Unaware of what has triggered her dreams to take on a life of their own, she becomes obsessed with finding out what will happen next as her dreams unfold more vividly in her paintings.
One thing she does know is that they all revolve around the presence of one being…a talking giant white Bengal tiger who is leading her on this nightmare adventure and shows up in all of her paintings, causing her to question which world is real, and which one isn’t or could they somehow both exist?

When a small-town girl goes big time in New York City, she has the world at her feet, but when tragedy strikes back home in Texas, she has to return to a life she hasn’t lived in many years.
Samantha Harwood is about to reach the pinnacle of success when her beloved father is stricken with a heart attack. Racing home to be with him, she recalls a friendly voice on the phone who always listened to her troubles. But when she arrives, she finds a genuine cowboy named Landon Sloan, who manages her father’s ranch. Awkward moments and a few disagreements are inevitable, but now, thrown together to take care of her father, Samantha and Landon find themselves truly getting to know that voice on the other end of the phone.

All of these will be available on Amazon as well as worldwide distribution through Draft to Digital.

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