Rest in peace beautiful beast

My Dad worshiped gorillas. He swore he was one in a past life. He’d take us to the National Zoo in DC when we were kids and he’d just sit there and watch them while Mom took us to the exhibits. I think he was communing with them or something. It was almost freaky. I think if he were alive he’d seriously be in mourning today over Harambe. Then he’d hunt down this careless, brainless so called mother who allowed her child to breach several barriers and enter Harambe’s habitat, and tell her what an idiot she is!!!!! RIP beautiful beast. Humans can’t hurt you anymore.

“What Is It You #Fear?” – A #Halloween #Poem


Sleepy Hollow

“What is it you fear?”
He asked, “My dear sir…”
As he coiled his finger to the sky.

“Is it the Devil, or Me?”
He asked, with a nod,
as if affirming an “Aye.”

“Is it darkness? Death?”
He asked leaning in
As his eyes grew brighter and wide.

“Is it the manner of death?
He asked with a smirk.
“For to know, you’d need only confide.”

“I fear nothing!”
I cried, as I pushed him away.
“Not, you, not death nor the manner!”

“But here you have come,”
He stated appalled,
at my angry assertion and banter.

“I’m here for your blood,”
I stated quite plain.
“Yes, yours–for you’re nothing to fear.”

“You think you are brave,
But you’re simple—a fool whose feet should

have tread far from here.”

“You mistake me kind sir,”
He said with a hiss.
“Your head shall be mine, wait and see!”

“You’ve lost yours it’s plain,”
I said backing away.
“Your new one will not look like me!”

Away I did turn,
to draw on the beast
and slice him like servings of pie.

“I too shall draw sword,”
He cried as he wielded
And took his best swing, as did I.

“A fight to that death,
you so gleefully speak of!”
My voice cracked as I stumbled and fell.

“Though down on one knee,
I’ve no pity for thee,
And I’ll find you again once in Hell!”

“I’ll cover the hollow with blood!”
He did shout.
“I’ll carve you until you are dead!”

“I once trembled at you,
but now bid you adieu.”
I said as the beast took my head.


Once Upon A Time, I Had the Most Wonderful Mother

And I still do.

Last night Wayne and I were sitting in my living room and I was writing and he was on the phone with his mom. We were talking about today’s date. About a minute later my damn broom fell and hit the floor in the kitchen. I hadn’t touched it since Saturday.

About 11:00am est five years ago, my mother took her last breath. She suddenly awoke from a 2 week coma and looked at Wayne and I and said, “It’s okay.”

Not a day goes by that she isn’t in my heart and thoughts. I miss her more than I could ever express but she is always with me.

I made this video as a tribute to her when she passed. I can’t watch it today but by all means, please enjoy it.


I seriously cannot stand another story of a child left in a hot car to suffer an agonizing death. I want this message out there once and for all.


I want to see it everywhere. I want it tweeted all across the damn world. Look at the articles below and tell me if you don’t think it’s about time those of us who have common sense stand up and help these innocent children and pets.

I have made a vow to myself that wherever I go, I do not simply walk past the cars around me but glance into each and every one in my path. I think we get so focused on where we are going and just stare straight ahead. Maybe if those of us who actually have a brain in our heads take a sweep of the cars parked around us on our way into the mall or store, we might be able to save a life!


Need more?

#HOTCARSKILL —Check out this man! He’s got a message for you!



Thirteen children have already died in the U.S. this year from being trapped in sweltering cars, and one advocacy group is pushing parents to “look before they lock” so the number doesn’t rise with the temperature.

Read more:


And The Thunder Rolls


Amen to this! I’ve been through a whole lot of storms and each one has washed away the burdens, the strife, the need to be perfect or of feeling incomplete, and I’m stronger and more fulfilled than I could have ever imagined. I don’t have or need “things” to make me feel important and certainly not to make me happy. My life is far from perfect. My bank account is always on E at the end of the month but I have been so blessed to be able to surround myself with an amazing cast of players who have stood through those storms with me, put up with my bullshit and mistakes and who have welcomed me to do the same for them, while others washed away.

Together, we will ride out this storm with no umbrellas or raincoats, and no shelter except for each other but what more do we really need? You have to know who your people are, through both the gentle spring showers and the violent, hard rain that comes at you from every direction, as you dodge lightning strikes and the thunder shakes your house. The ones who slap you hard when you need it and the ones who wipe your tears. The ones who stand by you when you’re on top and the ones who pick you up when you fall. If you haven’t figured out yet who they are, you better get busy figuring it out.

My heart hurts because one of these people will be moving on to the next life very soon. A Matriarch. A woman who’s respect had to be earned but who’s love was unquestionable. She’d give you that slap and then wipe your tears, reminding you that life isn’t fair but at the same time showing you every damn second of it is worth it – even the storms. What an honor and privilege it has been to be a part of her life for the past twenty years.

Oh the blessings I live with, that I cherish and am so thankful for.
All of them rainbows and flowers after the storms.
My beautiful family and friends.
My wonderful children and grandchildren.
Here comes the thunder.
Let it rain. Let it rain.

Granny June Bug

Granny June Bug