Once Upon A Time, I Had the Most Wonderful Mother

And I still do.

Last night Wayne and I were sitting in my living room and I was writing and he was on the phone with his mom. We were talking about today’s date. About a minute later my damn broom fell and hit the floor in the kitchen. I hadn’t touched it since Saturday.

About 11:00am est five years ago, my mother took her last breath. She suddenly awoke from a 2 week coma and looked at Wayne and I and said, “It’s okay.”

Not a day goes by that she isn’t in my heart and thoughts. I miss her more than I could ever express but she is always with me.

I made this video as a tribute to her when she passed. I can’t watch it today but by all means, please enjoy it.

9 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time, I Had the Most Wonderful Mother

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. My mum passed away 4 months ago and she is always in my thoughts. I would like to believe that in 5 years, her memory will still be alive as it is today

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