I #Failed | Good – Now Go Fail Again – A #Writer’s Tale

Yeah so...I think I'm ready Ready for what you may ask if you care... Ready to get back down to the business of writing something worthy of your read. Something worthy of myself and my abilities. You see, as a writer...especially a writer with a day job, family, other obligations etc. etc. and a husband … Continue reading I #Failed | Good – Now Go Fail Again – A #Writer’s Tale

#Vacations | Big Game #Fishing | #BreastCancer Research

There I go. Off living life again and this time, it was a two for one trip. Another Fantastic Voyage in the books! It's no secret I love the beach...the ocean...my family...my friends...margaritas and about a billion other things but checking off a bucket list item is always on the table. I don't necessarily go … Continue reading #Vacations | Big Game #Fishing | #BreastCancer Research

I’m Not An #Expert on Anything – I’m a #Writer – No Rules Required

For my blog stop, I've chosen a previous blog which I felt is timeless and that expresses who I am as a writer, completely.  I hope you enjoy it! And that's good enough for me. I tell stories. I have a few awards so I suppose that means I don't suck at writing. However, even … Continue reading I’m Not An #Expert on Anything – I’m a #Writer – No Rules Required