Taking This Time to Get to Know Yourself

I have a lot of beliefs that are very personal to me. I don’t share most of them here because let’s face it, the nature of many is to push away things that they either aren’t interested in learning, they don’t have the time for (biggest excuse) or it clashes with their beliefs and therefore this new information is by their conditioning or even stubbornness, wrong.
I love the teachings and philosophy of Abraham Hicks. I’ve been following them for about 9 months after a very enlightening and spiritual experience.
Today, this video popped up in succession with another I was listening to while I was cleaning. I like to listen to uplifting and inspiring messages while doing mundane things because my body knows what’s its doing while dusting, sweeping etc. it’s been doing these things for almost as long as I’ve been alive but my mind can focus on the messages, almost subliminally as I push in my earbuds, hit play and grab a broom.

This particular message really hit home to me in regards to this planet wide pause. It’s about 14 minutes long. If you have 14 minutes, some earbuds (blocks distractions) and a quiet place to just sit and listen, I highly encourage you to do this. If not, that’s fine too. All I can promise you is a message for right here and right now that could help you get your ideas, your outlook and your mind to a place to jump off from. Where that leap will take you, is up to you.

Working from home and decided to fix my hair and put my face on. It felt so good!

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