I Do Love My #Baltimore Hons!

Although I’m considered a Baltimore “Hon” and I’m called one at least several times a day, I was a little girl during the height of the “Hon” era.

I’m sure many of you have been fortunate enough to have seen many John Waters flicks, Hairspray probably being the biggest hit of all, and although a bit twisted and satirical, it is entirely based in fact.

Below are a few pictures of my family, bonified hons all the way and proud of it.

Here in Baltimore, during the holiday season, one of our favorite songs is by a talented local artist, David DeBoy. The song is “Crabs for Christmas,” as Baltimore and Maryland are widely known for the best steamed and seasoned blue crabs in the country. You just can’t get them anywhere else in the world like you can here and a true Marylander wouldn’t even try! If you’ve moved away from Maryland or are out of state for the holidays, this is definitely an anthem for you.

A little side note, David’s brother, Michael, was my drama teacher at Western High School in Baltimore in the early 1980’s, and was an exceptionally talented teacher.

So here are a few of my favorite hons, and below, David’s latest Baltimore theme song about the current Covid-19 quarantine here in Maryland. Enjoy this sweet little piece of Baltimore funnies.

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