Gratitude | Just Breathe

Big smiles!
Life goes up and down.
Life goes in and out.
Life breathes its purpose into us and then sucks it back out.
Then it breathes again.
We see so much inside our hearts and minds.
We see our desires. We see our dreams. We see our shortcomings. We see so many faults within ourselves and others instead of the beauty of our flaws and the contrast.
Instead of turning our attention to those negatives, turn to our desires. Turn towards what you want. Speak kindly into the universe what you want and set that free into the world. Instead of saying, “I can’t stand this! I hate that!”
It’s not easy in today’s world. But these moments do come. Moments when you just feel authentic and joyful.
In that joyous moment say, “More of this please? More of this incredible feeling of joy. More of this abundance of love. More of this! More of this!”
Gratitude is the only way.
I totally get it now. It works. When I ask for more in those moments when I feel incredibly grateful for my life, more just comes…and comes.

Photo credit on the photo. Thank you for this Jo. This photo sums up how I felt in that moment and how I hope to feel every single moment of my life.

Writer caught in a moment of joy.

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