Who Needs an Editor?

I’ve decided to get down to business.

I absolutely love editing.

Content, flow, punctuation, proofing etc. I can help you.


Manuscript must be formatted to 8 1/2 x 11, double spaced in Times New Roman in Microsoft Word.

Story genre and page count, once the manuscript has been formatted as stated above.

I want to see the first three chapters before I decide to work with you. I love a challenge but I won’t waste our time if I don’t think your story is ready for editing yet.

Knowledge of Microsoft Word. I will edit the entire manuscript with tracking. Your job will be to accept or reject my changes and notes and respond with your feedback. This is a team effort to make your work shine.

The ability to accept constructive honesty and criticism and the ability to accept praise!

Payment of 1/2 of the total up front and the other half prior to receiving your completed first round edit.

What you will get:

Up to 3 Edits to include notes, perhaps a lot of notes. What this means is: I will do the initial complete edit / run through of the entire manuscript and send it back to you. Once you’ve accepted and/or rejected any of my edits, you’ll return it to me and we’ll do it again. In the body of your email, I’ll expect any additional information, comments and input you need to share. If we need to speak on the phone, we’ll schedule a call.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. SuzyM45 @ aol . Com. Yes it’s broken up because of email bots. This email address may change as the work builds up.

Now here’s the deal… the first 5 clients are going to get an awesome deal since I’m just launching my service. I will only charge you $1.00 per page. Simple right? If your manuscript is 300 pages, you pay $300.00.

It’s really that simple but only the first 5. All I ask is that you come with a neat manuscript and ready to work! I want your book to be fantastic and something we can be proud of.

Soon I’ll also be offering formatting for ebooks and paperback books. Stay tuned.

Contact me at SuzyM45 @ aol .com. Let’s work together.

An 8 time published author in her natural habitat. Loves cats, peace and quiet and Captain Morgan rum…also the occasional 8 hours of sleep.

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