I’m Branching Out! Check Out My New #Author Services Page!

I’ve learned so much in past four years since I began this journey. I love writing and above all, telling great stories. However, I’ve recently been hit with some personal and family issues which require me to use my knowledge and creativity in ways that will assist me in keeping my lights on and a roof over our heads.

I’ve decided to branch out into author services.

Here’s a little of what I’m offering:

  • Proofreading
  • Copy-editing
  • Beta Reading
  • Cover Design

Check out my Services page for more information!

Thank you!

There is omething about words

Sorry for my absence. Here’s my excuse note…

I’ve been both busy and lazy for a few days.

I’ve just recovered from pneumonia and a bit of exhaustion set in. I realized I was pushing myself too hard, so besides a few hours at the Inn Saturday evening having some hard apple cider with my favorite crew, watching pre-season football, I slept this weekend…a LOT. What lead me to snoozeville was a weeks worth of working on my future and trying to align the stars. Aligning stars takes a lot of hard work and lack of sleep. So…

Pirate cartoon2

Let’s get on with the busy, shall we?

I usually do my best not to put too many irons in the fire but lately, I realize that there are times when you have to in order to forge ahead. (Yep, I know you saw what I did there)

I’m on a mission to hire an advertising and marketing company to assist me with promoting my books. They cost a lotta loot folks. Money is something I am in very short supply of.

When I think back a hundred years and beyond to those famous writers who had benefactors or were already wealthy, I want to punch them in the nose. Okay no, not really but having someone or someones to sponsor you so that you can take your writing to the next level is no longer a thing of the past thanks to crowdfunding.

I’ve been mentioning here and there over the past month about my PubSlush campaign which launches on September 1st. There is quite a bit that goes into one of these campaigns and as of this evening, mine is finally complete and ready to go. I’m hoping that sometime tomorrow, it will be live on the site and showing the countdown clock to when the campaign actually starts.

My PubSlush goal is $5,000 but I hope to surpass that over the 45 days it will be up and running. Please wish me luck and if the notion strikes you, feel free to donate too.

I will be doing some smaller fund raisers as well, starting with a Facebook Partylite event. Here’s the link if you’d like to see what that’s all about. If you like candles and pretty decorative ways to show them off, Partylite has everything you need. One of my oldest and dearest friends is running the event for me and she is donating 25% of the proceeds to my marketing fund. How cool is that?!

Pirate cartoon

Since “The Blue Diamond” will be released on October 1st, my awesome sister-in-law came up with the idea for us to do a pirate themed book signing at our favorite watering hole the week of Halloween, complete with pirate costumes. I’ll be sure to post some photos of this unconventional yet brilliant idea for a book signing event!


I’ve also been working nightly on my edits. I found an editor who is both excellent and loves my book. Now there’s a plus! We’re like peas and carrots or rather a skull and crossbones…let’s just say we work extremely well together and the book is getting better by the day!

Tonight, I donated three autographed copies of each; “Fireflies” and “Hope From the Ocean” to my county library system for Goodreads raffles. That felt great!

Still have the day job…for now, so it’s time for some shut eye mateys.

Fair winds!

Round Two Edits Complete. Why Am I So Sad?

I should be jumping for joy right? I just finished the second round of edits for “The Blue Diamond.” No, I’m really sad. I’m sad because I know it will be at least another month, maybe more before I can afford a professional proof reader/editor. I’m sad because I love this effing book so much and I want a cover and I want to be in your hot little hands as soon as possible!


Okay, I know I should be happy. I know I’ve beaten the odds yet again with writing this book but after reaching the last sentence of the last paragraph, I almost want to cry. I am so in love with these characters. I am so passionate about this story and I already miss them. Blah blah blah I know, I know but please, if you’re a writer I know you understand.

I also know that most likely, two thirds of the world are sick to death of this song but I’m putting it on repeat until I get over my damn self and stop this childish blubbering.

Time to move my other two books because otherwise, I have no idea how I am going to fund this pro-edit.

See ya.


The Editor Search Begins…Now.

Although I’m only 2/3 of the way through the second round of editing my manuscript at the moment, I believe it’s time to begin the search for an editor. She’s super clean already but I need her detailed.

Here are some particulars on the job:
  • 97,500 words
  • Historical Fiction
  • Soft edits; grammar and punctuation have been done but of course will need a set of fresh eyes to polish and shine
  • I am financially challenged and will need someone who would be willing to work out something with me
  • I will bake you cookies

I’m looking for the “one.” I’m searching for the person I may be able to work with indefinitely.



Editing is for Lovers…of Editing


Because I Love You Guys and I Love These Paragraphs

Last night, I began my editing journey on my third novel and I’m already almost finished what I call, the soft edits. They’re actually not so soft because they consist of punctuation, grammar and extra or missing words but to me, that’s the easy part. Well, it’s easy because I have an awesome first look editor and she’s a coworker so I’m doubly blessed. I get to see her every day and she edits a few chapters at a time as I write. She’s also one of my beta readers so I also get feedback as I write which is priceless. SHE is priceless.

I only have twenty four pages to go which she will pass back to me on Monday no doubt but I’ve already started my second round, which as we know is the hardest; rewrites. Honestly, I absolutely LOVE editing. Yes, I’m crazy but when you’re working with someone who lifts you up instead of tearing you down, how can you not love it? Also and as important in my eyes, is the process of hard work in order to make your finished novel the very best it can be. Your readers deserve it.

As I was working on the grammar edits, I came upon these three paragraphs and I turned to mush. What was I feeling and thinking when I wrote this? What possessed me so to be able to convey so much love? I really don’t know because I wrote it about a month ago but tonight, as I read it, it didn’t matter. To be honest, I can barely remember writing it. So, because I love you guys, I am going to share these three little paragraphs. I hope they turn you to mush too. Well, that is if you’re into mushy stuff. 😉

“Pick up your sword. I have no use for a knight. What I do need is simple and you’ve already given me that. All I want is what I’ve read in books. I want what I saw in my Uncle’s eyes when he gazed upon my Aunt as she sat quietly at her embroidery or as she tended her flowers in the garden,” she said as she took his hand and pulled him to his feet.

He leaned in over her and pressed his brow to hers and whispered, “Should you ever sit quietly at needlework or tend roses, I shall look upon you in such a way that you will feel the warmth in my soul upon your skin and the love in my heart will burn like the brightest light within your bosom.”

Ivory was overcome by a gentle warmth so deep it rose up in her like the flame of a single candle, held against the blackest night. Her cheeks flushed. “I suppose that will do.”