I’m Branching Out! Check Out My New #Author Services Page!

I’ve learned so much in past four years since I began this journey. I love writing and above all, telling great stories. However, I’ve recently been hit with some personal and family issues which require me to use my knowledge and creativity in ways that will assist me in keeping my lights on and a roof over our heads.

I’ve decided to branch out into author services.

Here’s a little of what I’m offering:

  • Proofreading
  • Copy-editing
  • Beta Reading
  • Cover Design

Check out my Services page for more information!

Thank you!

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4 thoughts on “I’m Branching Out! Check Out My New #Author Services Page!

  1. All the world’s an editor. It’s a very competitive world out there.

    Interestingly there are very few books without errors. Some have a ridiculous number. I read one by an editor recently, and she uses an editor, and there were approx 150 errors. On the other hand, I read a trad published one and it was word perfect. Truly admirable. There’s no way I would catch everything on two reads though. Depending on the MS that is. Truth is, most of us do miss something 😦

    Beta reading is interesting. Paid-for beta reading gets serious flack, but I’ve found when people already have an editor they are happy with (my editing includes an informal beta read) they are interested in having a professional beta read from another perspective. It’s a delicate one though, as you don’t want to step on another editor’s toes … If I’m asked for other betas I’ll pass on your name.

    • Good morning,
      Thank you for the comment.
      Based on the numbers of writers and independent authors, I believe there’s plenty of work to go around so no, I can’t agree that all the world is an editor. 🙂 I’m not looking to compete with anyone but myself. I have enough competition as an author. 😉
      Speaking only for myself (as I’m the only one who can) I’m gearing my offerings towards indie authors, hence my price model. I’m certainly not looking to gouge people nor am I trying to take business away from anyone else, that’s for sure.
      My objective is to assist independent authors as inexpensively and professionally as I possibly can, as well as supplement my income.
      I would never claim zero errors. There is no such thing.
      I do up to three exchanges. How many times I actually read through a manuscript during the process depends on how much attention the manuscript requires.
      I don’t see why I would get flack for asking for a small stipend for beta reading. It isn’t mandatory. Anyone who wishes not to use my services certainly doesn’t have to.
      I do, however, believe that some indie authors do not have the luxury of a peer group or trusted family member who can be objective, as well as give the depth of feedback that someone with experience can give. Had I not been so fortunate as to have built good, solid relationships in this field from the beginning, I most certainly would have paid for it. It’s worth it.
      I consider my time just as important as the writer’s…having been on both sides of the fence now.
      I appreciate the referrals. That’s good business. 🙂

      • Whoa. I think you may have misunderstood my comment.

        I see a lot of authors suddenly offering proofreading and editing. Maybe because they see it as more lucrative than writing. I have spent more than 30 years in the printing and publishing industry, so maybe that colours my view.

        Of course there is competition. It’s silly to pretend that any new entrant onto the market does not increase competition. Plus, setting cheap prices doesn’t help anyone. We *should* all charge the recommended rates but we don’t, because indie authors mostly can’t/won’t pay thousands. Some do. Some don’t pay at all. The odd few manage a decent job editing and proofing on their own. Very few.

        I didn’t say you would get flack for charging for betas. But, you must know there is criticism on the literary circuit regarding paid-for beta reads. There is a view that betas should be free. I tell you, there is no way I prepare a 20-page report for free.

  2. As your commentary proves, there is criticism from all sides in every aspect of the literary circuit. It’s sad actually.
    I’ll handle my business my way and you take care of yours your way. That’s what makes the world go around.
    I may not have 30 years in the publishing business but even I know when someone is being condescending and borderline rude.
    I’m not pretending and I’m definitely not being silly. Please go in peace and I wish you well but I don’t think either of us is gaining anything from this conversation. I believe we’ve concluded this discussion.

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