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Ouch! My Eye! But Seriously, Houston we have a problem 

I look kind of crazy with one pupil dialated but hey, it’s kind of interesting looking in a creepy way. 

About 6 weeks ago, I noticed a dark floater in my left eye. At the insistence of my sister-friend Kim, I finally made an appointment with an ophthalmologist. I saw him this morning. He was wonderful and very thorough. Unfortunately, he didn’t give me the news I was expecting. 

I have Vitreous Detachment. It’s probably been coming on for a while but he believes my pneumonia bouts of hard coughing caused the complete separation of the vitreous gel from the retina. I’m at risk of a detached retina but I just have to be careful and watch for white flashes. There’s no cure for this but Kim found an article online with a treatment that works for some people. 

Since this was a very hard pill to swallow, I will most likely go for a second opinion. As it stands now, I’ll just follow doctors orders (basically no eye rubbing or heavy lifting causing strain) and see how it goes. Wish me luck. 

Here’s the down low on this bullcrap:



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