I’m Not An #Expert on Anything – I’m a #Writer – No Rules Required

For my blog stop, I’ve chosen a previous blog which I felt is timeless and that expresses who I am as a writer, completely. 

I hope you enjoy it!


And that’s good enough for me.

I tell stories. I have a few awards so I suppose that means I don’t suck at writing. However, even with six novels and a novella to my credit, as well as hundreds of blog posts, I do not nor would I ever call myself an expert in anything. Nor would I dare to offer advice on the best way to do this or that, simply based on my own experience. I worked hard and I wrote from my heart, soul and gut. I was published. I went from being a writer to an author in the span of less than a year. How did I do it?

I wrote. I focused on my goals and did it my own way. That’s exactly how you should do it too; regardless of what your own way is. Just please, the only rule I stand by 100% is EDITING. If you are transitioning from writer to author and actually publishing a novel, pay someone to edit for you. Please, for all our sake’s.

Every situation is different. I’ve made mistakes but I’ve learned from each and every one; some bigger lessons than others. Regardless of what writing technique you use or formula you choose to follow, if you don’t approach that formula with a positive attitude and maintain the ground rules firmly at the heart of it with honesty and humility, you can really end up unhappy with the results of your work. Try it your own way first! Experiment! You may be creating a formula that only works for you and that’s perfect!

Every time I begin a new project that will hopefully evolve into a novel, my knees knock, my mouth waters, my heart races and hands tremble. That my friends is fear – fear I’ll write fifty thousand words and suddenly decide I’m unhappy with the story. Fear that my loyal readers will not like the behavior of my characters and even my main character. Fear that a beloved character may die a horrible death and my readers will wish the same for me…figuratively of course.

NEWS FLASH: Readers will love your story and readers will hate your story and it really has nothing to do with you. How they feel is about their own taste and that’s fine. 🙂 That’s how it should be! 

  • Do you outline your book?
  • What kind outline? Detailed or more like a guideline? 
  • Do you just let your characters lead the way and pray they aren’t taking you down the rabbit hole?

I would never presume to tell anyone what is right and what is wrong with how they approach a project. Doing what you are comfortable with and what you see as a plan and system you can live with and work well with is to me, far more important than following some text book guideline laid down by someone or someones who think they are the expert.

I’m not an expert on anything – I’m a writer. I ONLY want to be a writer when I write. I don’t want to offer you advice, let you cry on my shoulder and most importantly, I won’t tell you how you should do anything. My experience is mine. Go get yours. Don’t be be afraid to spread your wings and fly!

“On giving writers advice, offering “rules.” I’m asked a lot about this, and people bring great lists of rules for writers to the page all the time. What do I think? I can’t say it loud enough. There are NO RULES for all writers! And never let anyone tell you that there are. Writers are individuals; we each do it in our own way. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you’re not a “real” writer because you don’t follow their rules! I can’t tell you how much harm was done to me early in life by others judging me in that way. I was told in college I wasn’t a “real” writer because I composed on a typewriter; I was condemned later on in damn near apocalyptic terms for “not writing every day.” “Real writers” are those who become “real writers.” That’s all there is to it. And again, we each do it in our own way. For me, stubbornness has been as important as any talent I might possess. I ultimately ignored the people who condemned me, ridiculed me and sought to discourage me. I laughed or cried over it in secret; and went right on writing what I wanted to write, the way I wanted to write it. I knew of no other way to become the writer of my dreams. If you want to be a writer, go for it. Critics are a dime a dozen, and people who would love to see you fail are everywhere. Just keep on going; keep doing what works for you. Keep believing in yourself.” ANNE RICE

I’d listen to this woman before I’d listen to anyone else. She’s 100% right.

I’m Branching Out! Check Out My New #Author Services Page!

I’ve learned so much in past four years since I began this journey. I love writing and above all, telling great stories. However, I’ve recently been hit with some personal and family issues which require me to use my knowledge and creativity in ways that will assist me in keeping my lights on and a roof over our heads.

I’ve decided to branch out into author services.

Here’s a little of what I’m offering:

  • Proofreading
  • Copy-editing
  • Beta Reading
  • Cover Design

Check out my Services page for more information!

Thank you!

There is omething about words

Introducing Author M.C. Simon and Her New Book: FENG SHUI FOR WRITERS!

Feng Shui For Writers book tour

Book Details

  • Title: Feng Shui For Writers
  • Series: How To Master Your Life
  • Author: M.C. Simon
  • Genre: Non-Fiction
  • Format: Paperback and Kindle
  • Length: 152 pages
  • Publication Date: June 16, 2015
  • Publisher: IML Publishing
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Feng Shui For Writers How To Write Creatively Guide

FENG SHUI FOR WRITERS provides all the dots that you have to connect to control the flowing Chi for each writing category. What is harmony for a romantic novel writer is different from what is harmony for a journalist writer, and for sure very different than for the writer writing for the horror domain. To bring the Feng Shui technique into the writer’s life, it is not enough to merely explain general principles and ideas; we have to dig deeper because the branches of writing are so numerous.

Find Out HOW TO:

  • Attract productivity, successful publishing and money using Feng Shui
  • Overcome writer’s block with Feng Shui help
  • Organize your writing place to achieve your goals
  • Influence your writing life through colors
  • Use crystals for creative writing
  • Use lighting to Feng Shui your writing space
  • Choose the plants that will boost your creativity
  • Influence your “writer’s zone” and the creative mind
  • Boost your children’s creativity (yes… children are young writers also)

And much more.

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Feng Shui For Writers Mentoring And Coaching

To understand what a writer’s zone is, you must first experience the previous state called a writer’s block. Then and only then will you understand how you can face it and how you can move to the writer’s zone. This zone is exactly the opposite of a writer’s block; it is the optimal phase in which a writer can find himself. It is the phase in which Chi flows freely on the writer’s path, the creativity is boosted and the writing productivity reaches maximum level.

Having knowledge about both states, a writer’s block and a writer’s zone, you can save the wasted time between these two phases.

There are some elements that influence your entering into this zone.

  • One of these is your location. Depending on where you live, you must find a writing environment that boosts your writing mood. Find a place suitable for you that you feel relaxed in and totally prepared to let the words flow.

  • Take a walk in the park or the woods, go for a drive on a long unpopulated road. Don’t forget to take the camera with you and take pictures that will help you relax the next time you need to enter into the writer’s zone without having to walk again. A walk in a quiet and relaxing place is a good Feng Shui method to un-clutter your mind of stress.

  • Do some brainstorming for your future book; try to prepare a good plot for your novel. Do some research on the theme that you want to write about.

  • Avoid emails, other online temptations, phones and any other distractions that are blocking the Chi flow of your creativity and productivity.

  • Listen to some music and prepare a playlist with your favorite relaxing songs. Use this list until it becomes a habit that is helping you enter into the writer’s zone.

  • Breathe! Yes, breathe. Fill your lungs with fresh air until they expand to the point where they touch, take a small pause then exhale slowly. Learn to breathe again, so the good Chi also enters your body.

  • Burn some incense and use aromatic lamps for fragrance.

  • Find a writing retreat in your area. Make it a part of your writing process. This will always get you into the zone. There are two kinds of retreats: solo retreats (suitable for writers who prefer solitude far away from any distractions including other writers) and group retreats (provides a chance for face to face group brainstorming). The best writing retreats are those that include both solo and group retreats. When you go to a writing retreat, be sure that you are applying the Feng Shui principles in that place also (you can even take a Bagua map with you).

  • If your mind feels unclear in ideas, use a yellow vase where you place orange flowers. This will boost the intensity of your writing and will give you the necessary clarity.

  • Don’t forget to always include the water element in your space.

  • Avoid too many electronic devices in the moments when you write because they will drain your energy, and soon you’ll have to face another writer’s block.

  • Hang a wooden chime near you so its movement will activate any stagnant Chi.

Previously Published Excerpts

Who Is A Writer?

3 Things You Should Do Before Using Feng Shui

About the Author

Author MC Simon

Writer, translator, engineer, researcher, project manager, blogger, eternal student… these are only a few words to describe MC Simon.

She strongly believes that energy is ours to use freely, and we need only to open our hearts to regain the lost perception of our true powers. She thinks that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. For this reason, M.C. Simon has never hunted the information but rather waited for the right moment when she would be ready for the information to find her. In the same way, she knows that when someone needs her, the Universe will proceed in such a way that the meeting will take place.

Contact The Author

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Getting There From Here – How Do I Get My Books In Your Hands?

One of the things about being a writer is believe it or not, if we publish a book and send it out into the world for the first time, we definitely hope someone reads it.

Writers spend hundreds of hours at their craft and then even more editing, rewriting and tweaking a story because of several reasons:

  • We want it to be as close to perfect as possible
  • We want to give you a great story
  • We want to make a good impression
  • We want you to READ the book
  • We want you to BUY the book
  • We want to make a living doing something we love
  • We want to write more stories for you

There are as many reasons writers write as there are books but in most cases, we write because we want you to read our stories. We hope you like them and that you want to read more. It excites and exhilarates us when you read them and dare I say it, like them enough to give us a sweet review. Reviews are like crack to a writer. Reviews mean we’re legitimate because someone actually read our work.

Then this magical thing happens…we keep writing.

Think of us like the chef at one of your favorite breakfast restaurants. You crave their pancakes and if you don’t get there at least once a month for a taste, you think you’ll lose your mind.

That is my wildest dream.

That’s how we want you to feel about our books.

I admire the success of many authors and at the moment, I’ve been having a secret one sided love affair with Diana Gabaldon. Every time I visit her Facebook page I fantasize that I’m living that life. She’s been at this for over twenty years and is a huge success. I read the things her fans write on her Facebook page and I imagine they’re my fans, my readers, my future.

I watch the now amazingly incredible Outlander series on STARZ based on her books and no, not just for Sam Heughan but someday, I’d love to see my own characters brought to life on screen. I’ve only read the first book in the series but if and when I don’t have to work full time and can actually write and read anytime I want to, believe me when I say I will eat those books like a stack of blueberry pancakes!


Let me make you all some delicious blueberry pancakes for the rest of my life!

Where are you my readers? Where are you? I know you’re out there and I won’t give up until I find you.

I can write my fingers off but seriously though…I make lousy pancakes. 😉 Thank goodness I love to write!

Goodnight my loves.

I’m a Little Disappointed Tonight – Albeit Not Too Surprised

As you know, if you follow my blog, I’m taking part in an interesting exercise in crowd-funding.  After doing a bit of Googling, I noticed that there appears to be some confusion as to what the purpose of crowd-funding is and why people do it. In my case, I’m doing it to raise money to hire a marketing company. Marketing is expensive.

I won this opportunity based on the pitch I wrote for “The Blue Diamond” and I wasn’t about to pass on the chance to be able to afford something I know I otherwise wouldn’t be able to for quite some time. This isn’t a sure thing. You put yourself out there and it’s up to the general public to decide if you’re worth it. It’s quite humbling actually. I’m an award winning author, not a best selling author…yet.

Although this hasn’t yet been anything I’ve experienced personally, I definitely know now that there are some folks out there who frown on crowd-funding. However, the reasons I saw were very disappointing but sadly, I wasn’t completely surprised.

Not that what I’m about to tell you is anyone’s business but mine but I’m all about keeping the record straight and I like things crystal clear. So here it is…there’s a lesson at the end of this too. For the sake of transparency:

  • I’m a hard working woman as well as a writer.
  • I write my own books.
  • I do at least 75% of my own marketing.
  • I work a full time job as an office manager for a copier and printer dealership and manage the advertising and marketing for the company and wear a closet full of other hats as well.
  • I have three children and three granddaughters who I love spending time with. I also babysit for my daughter who teaches dance two nights a week. I choose to spend time with my granddaughters because I adore them.
  • My husband is unemployed and has been for eighteen months. He has not gotten an unemployment check since December of 2013. We are by no means starving but we are struggling and have been for quite some time. We are just blessed to have a loving family.
  • I write almost every night of my life. If I’m not writing, I’m blogging and if I’m not blogging, I’m advertising.
  • I get an average of five hours sleep a night because I am the owner of this company and if I don’t bust my ass, I’ll never reach my goal of becoming a full time writer.

I saw something on my web travels tonight that raised my eyebrow so high I nearly lost an eyeball.

Authors, we all have our own paths to walk. None are the same.

Everyone’s journey is their own and it is beneath us to criticize and ridicule someone for the way in which they choose to travel. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, certainly but it isn’t necessary to be mean and self-righteous just to make your point.

If you are blessed with a good life and the ability to pursue your passion as a writer, without having to hold down a full time job, support your household financially, keep a roof over your head almost on your own and work tirelessly in what little free time you have to pursue a dream, why do you care how someone else chooses to pursue theirs?

If someone sees an opportunity to raise money so that they can at least TRY to level the playing field a bit, leave them to it. Show some compassion for those who don’t have the ability to write when they want to or enjoy the same freedom to pursue their dream as you’ve had or have. It smacks of superiority when you look down on someone, just because they may not have had the options and opportunities you’ve had in order to pursue your dream. Even if perhaps someone is going about promoting their cause the wrong way, why not reach out to them and express your position on that as a colleague and human being and let it go?  Why would you want to judge someone just because they have chosen a path you never had to or chose not to take?

I’m still sitting here shaking my head because I can’t believe I even have to write this blog but I needed to get it out.

There are no guarantees in crowd-funding. To be honest, speaking for myself, I would have never tried this had I not won this opportunity because I have always been a bootstrap girl. However, I believe everything happens for a reason. When opportunity knocks as they say.

For anyone who’s ever made a success of anything and may be sitting back and saying things like, “Do it yourself like I did.” Stop and think about this; did you really? Did you really pay all of the money yourself? Did you really do it all yourself with not one single itty bitty bit of help from anyone else? If you did, I salute you but either way, to look down on others because they need a hand up in the world puts you in the light of a department store dressing room in your underwear and let’s face it, nobody looks good in that light.

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.”

Thank you Mister Washington. You’ve made my point.