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hes dead

“Captain.” Miles nodded in the direction of the York’s Keep’s doctor, who knelt at the side of his lifeless captain and shook his head.
“He’s dead as a result of his own foolishness and any other man who makes the same choice will land at his side. I never lay uncertain hands on a man who aims to kill me,” I said as I leapt onto the plank and started back over to the Majesty’s Venture. I turned back with one last directive, “Mister Jacobs, should any of that crew choose death, it will be by my hand.”
I turned to see Carbonale, eyeing me as he leaned on the gunnel. “That was interesting.”


“Perhaps we’d make better use of our time elsewhere,” Miles said as he stood. I rose to follow him, when the commotion on the stairs stopped us like an unseen wall. A young, dark-haired man leapt down the stairs, his coat in one hand and his open shirt flapping in his wake as he fled the roars of the wrathful man close behind him. I easily identified the young man as Maddox Carbonale, a young lieutenant we’d only yesterday acquired from another ship. His assignment to my patrol galley came with a reputation that I’d been left to sort out—as well as his less-than-obedient temperament.
I’d been repeatedly blessed of late with what the navy labelled as problem seamen and I hadn’t yet had the honor of a formal introduction with this obvious miscreant. According to my command, I was adept at handling hard-heads. I knew better. My men weren’t hard-heads—they were loyal and rugged. I never had to worry about my back. They were rough around the edges, perhaps, but disobedient, never. That was until now.


I was right. Teach offered me the hand of a sweet, yet saucy, black-haired lass who was more my age and speed. Having relinquished any inhibitions in a few tankards of rum, her company was thrilling, although exhausting and brief. I liked it when she called me Big Red and wrapped her thick white thighs around me. I was inspired, to say the least, and the parts of me I thought suppressed by the rum came roaring to the surface beneath her as she rode me like the Assurance in the storm. I’d never been with a whore before but all concern for health or reputation was lost in that tossing black mane of hair as she whipped it about and moaned with pleasure when my hands explored her. She made me feel like the best lover she’d ever had, until I tried to pay her and she winked and told me Blackbeard had covered the debt and told her to show me a good time. Maybe for a few minutes I’d allowed myself to be free and believe it was real. When it was all over, I was thankful that at least I’d enjoyed the show.

I may someday regret my decision but by the time it was all over, regret was a waste of time. Besides, when in good company, not to allow yourself the freedom to drink, laugh and make merry defeats the purpose of being free at all. A few hours spent at behavior you’d normally avoid can lift your spirits and on occasion, those hours spent are worth waking up in the morning as if you’ve slept standing on your head.

lady agatha

“Agatha, I told you to stay—”
“Be quiet, Jeremiah,” the young Agatha Hawthorne said to her husband. “Ordering me around as if I were one of your crew has never worked for you, nor will it…ever!” she said and turned her gaze to the handsome, dark-haired prisoner, who’d ceased his relentless efforts to free himself as their eyes met.
“Agatha—” The Admiral said in an attempt to draw her attention, as well as his embarrassment, away from the young man’s bright green eyes, but she didn’t waver.
“Maddox, I do hope we meet again. If not, I doubt I will find another lover that has your appetites.” She twirled a long, loose curl with the fingers of her left hand and slid the fingernails of her right down the flesh of his exposed chest. She turned gracefully away from him at the shoulders, gazing back one last time before finally cutting a path through the crowd as she walked away. Her expensive scent followed her through the musky tavern, until her dazzling blue eyes acknowledged my presence. “Captain Wallace,” she said and nodded.
Everyone watched as she drifted carefree from the tavern, leaving lustful thoughts and in her wake, revenge.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Marvellous book – intense emotions, intrigue and suspense!, February 14, 2016
By FlorenceT
Verified Purchase
This review is from: AMBER WAKE: Gabriel Falling (The Razor’s Adventures Pirate Tales) (Kindle Edition)
Amber Wamber-wake1akes is a story of change and one man’s transformation, telling the tale of one Gabriel Wallace, captain of the Royal Navy, an educated and honourable man.

The book opens with an unfortunate incident leading to Gabriel being court-martialled for murder and subsequently disgraced. Choosing to flee with the support of his loyal crew, he embarked on adventures and survival on the high seas, all the while intent on clearing his name, hell bent on revenge against the men who had accused him of murder and thereby banishing him to the other side of the law. As he faced the challenges of being a reluctant pirate and a leader of men, Gabriel’s baser instincts revealed themselves.

What will he do to redeem himself? What will he do to assuage the fury within? Will he be thwarted by beauty? By his closest confidante? What makes a man with integrity? And who is the little boy of whom he is so protective?

Captain Gabriel Wallace is a man with a moral code that is largely unwavering; a confident man who holds himself with pride yet humble. He epitomizes the romantic hero. Love him!

This is an entirely engaging and enjoyable read!


Some Favorite Quotes from “Hope From the Ocean”

Over the years, he’d seen his fair share of malice. He’d walked the earth long enough to have witnessed much worse in people than this, yet regardless of the amount of times he’d beheld the reprehensible acts of human beings, he didn’t grow blind to them.


Up until their uncle claimed them, Patrick’s and Dillon’s lives were marred with poverty and death but Patrick came to understand the younger you are when you face tragedy, the easier it is to overcome. He had yet to let go of their father’s hard cold eyes and the months, which lead up to his mother’s eventual journey to join him in the afterlife. It was as if she poured what was left of her soul into the ground with him when he died, and covered it with dirt. No down pillow could ever replace the light that once shined in her green eyes for him, and no warm fire at night or the rich aroma of fried bacon waking him, would close his wounds. The only thing that kept him from either coming completely unraveled or running for his life was taking care of Dillon.

Dillon got out of Old Kilcullen. Patrick was still sitting on the side of the road waiting to be saved.


To Dan, people were no different than horses. He could look into a horse’s heart through its eyes and know the good ones from the lost causes. Patrick wasn’t a lost cause; he was just lost.


Dan didn’t have an idea at all as to why Liam was watching because Pearse had never set foot on the backside. Nonetheless, Liam didn’t look away for more than a few minutes before checking again just in case Pearse wore his cheap shoes today.


“Do I detect a note of disapproval, Mrs. Jameson?”

“William, ye do realize my difficulties in bringing up this–this spirited child into a proper young lady? Most days it’s a struggle just trying to keep shoes on her feet, let alone setting her upon a running horse.”

“Oh, Elizabeth, the child is nine. Allow her to enjoy her freedom before ye slap a corset on her and bind her to some borin’ gentleman for whom she’ll be nothin’ more than a hostess and mother to his children.” He spoke before considering the role of his own wife but it was too late. The slap was nearly audible yet she did not flinch.

“I have passion, William, despite what ye may believe after nearly twenty years. However, as that wife and hostess and most importantly mother, my passion now rests on the future of our daughter and making sure she is well prepared for that binding. For certain, it can be suffocating at times.” Elizabeth rose from the table slowly, “Please excuse me, I have things which need my attention.”


He didn’t even flinch. Had it not been for his loud snoring, he could have been mistaken for dead. Dan thought of rousing the man but by the time he’d finished the idea, Dillon was climbing into the back of the wagon about to thump the man and wake him.

“Dillon, wait,” Dan ordered but Dillon was drunk too, on a lethal combination of anguish and anger which even the most level-headed of grown men can barely contain.


Raina turned back and took her long pale fingers and placed them over his mouth to hush him. “You not show me zee town and I not come visit you.”

Owen was caught off guard by her touch. An unfamiliar warmth came over him that he wasn’t sure was due to the excitement of the day or Raina’s touch on his mouth and he was taken completely by surprise. Whether out of guilt or some spontaneous need to reassure her of his intentions, Owen reached up and took her fingers in his hand, peeling them away from his lips and exposed her rough palm. Without a second thought, he leaned in and pressed a kiss into her calloused flesh. This wasn’t a moment or two moments but a true and heartfelt embrace of lips to skin that made Raina buckle and shudder before pulling her hand away.

“Why did ye do that?”

“You should not touch me zis vay. You are leafink and I vill look into my hand for your lips and fint nossing.” Raina’s eyes filled with tears and she left the room before Owen could find two words to put together to stop her. As brilliant as he was, she’d left him with only the taste of raw potatoes and cabbage on his lips and his heart about to break his ribs.

Quotes and excerpts from some of my favorite scenes from “Fireflies.”

There are some scenes in my books that flowed seamlessly and others that took much longer to come to me. Either way, there were some that I took a great deal of care with because they touched my heart. Here are just a few excerpts from some of those scenes:

Fagan was for the first time in his life, taken completely by surprise and he was unguarded and unprepared for such a thrill. “Oh Mary Olsen I do love you with all of my heart,” he thought to himself as he glanced over at her dainty profile peeking out from beneath her bonnet. He watched her pout as she spoke and committed to his memory every wave and shade of gold in her hair, as it flowed from beneath the cream colored cloth of her bonnet, downward to her bustle.

“There it is Fagan. Can you hear the water flowing? It’s just beyond those trees,” Mary said as she released his arm and dodged ahead of him a few paces. They’d never travelled alone this far before. She passed through the leaves looking more like that garden fairy than ever. “Come Fagan!” she added as he caught up to her and she reached out and took his hand, just as the foliage opened to a freshwater stream a few yards away. A low thin branch had taken his hat but it was a small sacrifice to make as not to let go Mary Olsen’s hand.


It seemed hours had passed when Teagan awoke, lying face down clutching the bloody dishcloth. She blinked open her eyes and raised her head to find Ennis, sitting next to her, expressionless.

“Ennis, did I die?”

“No Teagan, you lived,” Ennis smiled.

Teagan pushed herself up facing Ennis and the room began to come back into focus. She yet heard the soft singing outside and the aroma of eggs and bacon from breakfast still hung in the air, although now slightly tainted with the scent of iron. Her eyes travelled down over the bloodied apron, still draped over her clothes. The sight of this startled her to her feet and as she stood, she pulled the dishcloth up to her face, still saturated with her blood and she stared in horror at the trail of red droplets leading from the dish basin to the doorway of the kitchen, which had begun to thicken and dry.


Dillon stood down, looking up at her from below. His eyebrows rose with shock when Sarah tossed her riding skirt and he caught a brief glimpse of her soft leather chamois breeches.

“Never mind. No harm’s been done. Make sure there’s carrots for him here when I return. He likes carrots after a ride,” Sarah said, trying to keep their conversation simple.

“Yes Ma’am.”

Dillon smiled and turned, then jogged toward the barn.

“Oh and Dillon?!” she shouted, pointing her crop like a sword toward her bedroom window as Rascal walked anxiously in a circle. “I don’t know what you think you saw this mornin’ but that was an accident that won’t be happenin’ again and it’s best if you just forget about it.”

“Why I don’t know what ya’ mean Miss Sarah. The sun was in me eyes. I heard you plain enough though,” Dillon replied throwing Sarah a toothy grin, exposing dimples so deep they’d easily hold a cup of water.