You Naughty Teaser you!

I decided to make a concerted effort this week, to post a blog a day during my lunch break, even if it is brief and full of bunk. Let’s face it, those writers among us who are still doing our time at the evil day job, only get so much time for lunch and unless you eat from a troth, you run the risk of soiling your phone, keyboard or tablet with whatever you’re having to eat, so that cuts your time even shorter. Aren’t you the lucky ones! You’re getting 15 minutes of my thoughts, hopefully per week day without even asking for them! Let’s all hope I may actually have something to contribute to your day. 🙂

Today, I’m asking the question: Do you like to tease your readers with little tidbits of whatever it is you are writing at the moment?

Since I’m so new at this, I enjoy teasing because many months may pass before the prequel for “Fireflies” will be available and I don’t want to lose my loyal readers. I think it’s only fair to give them a glove, a garter and even an earring to keep their interest up until my next book comes out. Teasing isn’t a derogatory thing unless you have no intention of taking it all off at some point and showing off the goods, right? 😉

I leave you with this tiny teaser, extracted from the WIP I’m buried in most nights at the moment – and for many more moments to come until it’s finished:

Dan didn’t say a word. He put his hat back on his head and clicked at Tammy to move. They followed the road, passing dozens of wagons and horses but none matching the description the boy had given them. As much as Dillon wanted to turn Goblin loose and as much as the nervy beast pulling him forward wanted the same, he had to keep pace with this Uncle and Tammy and not run the horses hard for fear or wearing old Tammy out and having to rest again and lose more daylight.

Evening was crawling in over the horizon. In the distance, the silhouette of the city was beginning to rise, as if it grew up from ground like stone trees. It had been many a year since Dan visited Dublin for any reason and he believed he hadn’t missed a thing. The closer they came to the city, the busier the road became, until it seemed to widen beneath the horses hooves to accommodate the increasing traffic. At dusk, the large stone buildings with their unique architecture took Dillon’s breath away and he nearly slowed Goblin to a halt to catch it. As big as he thought himself, with each nose to tail of the horse, he grew smaller and smaller until the city limits were but the good hard toss of a rock away – he trembled.

Who knew that Dolly was such a tease???

Dolly perfecting the Tease

Dolly perfecting the Tease

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