The Hive Book Reviews

Good morning all! I was pleasantly surprised with these reviews. I Hope you have a few minutes to check them out and that they assist you in deciding if you’d like to read my books. Thank you!

The Hive Cover

“I have to admit that the writing was once again impeccable. The author manages to describe everything to the most little detail perfectly. I love how she managed to put her words on the page and make me visualize the actions taking place.
The plot of the story is definitely very interesting and manages to capture your heart whilst reading it. Hope from the Ocean managed to play my emotions on its fingers at some parts.”

My thoughts:

I always enjoy reading these. I mostly enjoy knowing that even if the story doesn’t grab the reader, my writing style does. That in and of itself is worth all of the time and devotion I put into writing my stories. Thank you so much Lexi!

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