The Space Between Your Goals aka The Cream Filling

As I was scrolling through my Instagram at lunch, I came across this quote meme. It was posted by a young woman I’ve known since she was a child, who happens to be a friend of my daughter’s. She’s an amazing photographer and anytime she posts anything, I always stop and take a look…even if it doesn’t pertain to her work.

I’m so glad I did today.



I am an incredibly focused person. I’m not sure if I’ve trained myself to be this way or if I was born like this but when I set my mind on something, I can’t stop until I finish it. When I hone in on a goal and am actively in pursuit, I often times block out so many of the more important things in my life, namely people and I make a conscious effort to find that space in between my tenacious pursuit of becoming a best selling and critically acclaimed author and actually having a life. Even if I don’t fill that space how others may think I should, rest assured I do the best I can. I make the decisions as to how I feel that space should be filled.

I still work a full time job. MY FREE TIME IS PRECIOUS TO ME. Obviously I cannot stress that enough.

Yesterday, my son and his girlfriend mentioned they were going to the zoo so knowing myself as well as I do (and believe me, even if I don’t acknowledge my lack of attention to other peoples needs, I am very self aware) I knew I needed time out of doors, away from writing, goal pursuing and marketing my books to just breathe and enjoy life. I make the choice to give myself a break from my goals and my responsibilities. Yes, you DO need a break from your goals. I understand that more and more each day.

I love seeing things again for the first time through my granddaughter’s eyes so, along with my son, his girlfriend and my niece Angel, I found the cream filling for a few hours. 🙂



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However, I’m sure the kids will agree with me when I say, there isn’t enough cream filling to make the giraffe house smell better! LOL

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