Guest Post – We are turning our kids into criminals

I’m glad I stopped to read this. I agree with you completely. As a mom of three and a grandmother of three, I am so proud of all of them sometimes I could burst. They are all respectful, loving people and I am constantly wondering what we did right. Even my four year old granddaughter amazes me. She’ll give you a fit if you don’t wipe your feet when you enter the house lol
We rarely spanked and never out of anger. I remember the first time my husband spanked our youngest son, (for lying and it was a few swats on his butt) he actually cried and said he would never be able to do it again and thank goodness he never had to. We took away toys, TV and phone. We withheld allowances if they didn’t do their chores and most importantly, we rewarded honesty, good deeds and accomplishments.
A long time ago when my children were small, I read a quote that said, “If I don’t correct you, society will and it is not society’s job.” I see so many parents today who are just not invested in parenting. They hand their kids whatever they want so they don’t have to deal with them. They’ll do damn near anything just to shut them up so that they can do whatever they want instead of parenting. It all makes me sad as well as angry because they are missing out on so much! Thank you for this post.

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