What An Awesome June 2014

This month has been chock full of goodness. Lots of yummy fun and a few nuts to add to the flavor. Here are some pictures of June 2014.


Second night in New Orleans

Fathers day

Uncle Mike’s Birthday


L-R Sarah (my son’s girlfriend), My son Zack and my daughter Jessica


My granddaughter Esme’s room at my house. You can never have too much pink!

Pool esme

Yaya the pool is open!


Swimming lessons from Poppy!


Esme finally gets to break in her new swim vest from Aunt Kimmy


Esme’s dance recital. Baby sister Scarlett missed it for a nap.

Scarlett and Harper

Harper (L) and Scarlett (R) really enjoy their naps lol

Scarlett stands

Uh OH! Scarlett’s up on her tiny feet!

Scarlett toy

The teeth are coming in too!

slip and slide

Uncle Wayne and Ryder enjoying the Slip ‘N Slide

baby heads

I think I have a hundred pictures of these melons. I love their heads!


Last night in New Orleans. 😦


Have I mentioned I FINISHED my new book?!

One final offering…

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