Christine Haggerty’s Writers’ Workshop: How to write fight scenes

Thank you for sharing this. I remember trying to write my first fight scene and going into a panic because no matter what I wrote, I didn’t “feel” a part of the fight. I researched and read dozens of fight scenes until I finally got it. I wish I’d have seen this back then. 🙂

Jane Dougherty Writes

In response to my idea to launch a writers’ workshop, Christine Haggerty author of The Plague Legacy has offered to start things off with an article about one of my pet hates: the fight scene.
How many times have you skipped pages in a book, flipped through looking for the end of a wretched ding-dong just to get on with the story? Often a fight is inevitable, and personally I try to dispatch it as quickly as possible. Blow-by-blow accounts of a fight where the only interest is the outcome, quickly bore me rigid.
Christine is one of those authors who actually enjoys a bit of violent contact and knows how to handle it. She has very kindly agreed to share her practical experience on my blog. I hope you will find her article as helpful and entertaining as I have.

From the Dojo to the Page: Writing Fight Scenes

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