Things I Do When I’m Not Writing – Babysitting

IMG_6528I’ve decided to start a new series of posts. Maybe once a week or so, I’ll talk about things I do when I’m not writing. Tonight’s episode is babysitting.

I’m not sure if spending time with my granddaughters should be considered babysitting except for the fact, their parents went to the movies and were not here for the visit–if that makes sense. To be so young and the parents of a four-year old and nine month old identical twin girls, warrants a movie now and then and since I get the better end of the deal, hand those giggly, pink, adorable little monsters over and get out!

Tonight, I’m on a mission to prove to my daughter that I can “hang.” Last week she made a comment that I can’t “hang” with all three just because the last time they spent the night, I got a total of two hours of sleep due to extreme teething. I did mention we’re talking about TWO babies, right?

Not my fault, right?

Tonight, the twins were asleep by eight o’clock and the four-year old by nine thirty. I’d say that’s hanging pretty good! At the present time, they are all three still asleep. Take that Mom! 😉

Of course, if you know babies and toddlers, at any moment they could sit up and demand a diaper–or in our case two, a bottle or two or a snuggle or two, or three.

Why am I still awake?

I’m outta here!


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