…we should have a slew of new Author billionaires by this time tomorrow… the power of the viral algorithmic web message… #TBSU…

No matter how I’m feeling or what nonsense I’m thinking, Seumas’ blog can always make me smile and think so I think I’ll reblog this with a smile. 🙂

Seumas Gallacher

…there’s times, Mabel, when I’m overtaken by my own delusions of adequacy… the startling cerebral epiphanies that render me speechless, reflecting in the sheer awesomeness of their simplicity… here’s today’s priceless gem… backed up with numbers, of course… during a long career in Finance, masquerading as an international banker, I found that quoting figuresin presentations, particularly if yeez can throw in a few decimal places, are taken as gospel… no questions asked… no leery eyebrows raised… no ‘are-yeez-sh*tting-me-or-what?’barbs… if yeez all follow this, fellow Lads and Lassies of Blog Land we should have a slew of new Author billionaires by this time tomorrow… it’s the ol’ connections get connections get connections gig… and yeez are free to use me as the fearless guinea pig as yeez experiment with this… quite simply… step one, yeez all buy one of my SELF-PUBLISHING STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL SALES masterpiece on…

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