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Dun Writin’—Now Whut? A series by Susan Uttendorfsky – Owner of Adirondack Editing – (25 POV Head Hopping)

This is an issue I have struggled with greatly. However, upon doing quite a bit of research on this struggle, I now understand I write and have written primarily in the omniscient POV and it works for me. Rarely has anyone given me feedback telling me they were confused by it or that they didn’t understand why I used it. (Thank goodness) :).

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POV Head Hopping

Point of view (POV) issues are something I run across frequently when editing. It’s a subtle part of writing that sometimes escapes newer writers, and can even be tricky for experienced writers.

When deciding to write a novel or fictional piece, an author has to decide what point of view they’re going to write in. Many writers choose third person past tense. An example of this is (not great writing, just an example!):

  • Mary was scared. She walked through the dark forest, looking for Samuel. Nighttime had come early and she wasn’t prepared for being there so late in the day. Accidentally, she tripped over a tree root. “Samuel!” she called.

This is written in past tense, as you can see, and is in third person. You can identify the person by the pronouns used. First person would use “I,” second person uses “you,” and third person…

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