Advice Please if You Have A Moment to Spare

Since my current manuscript is in limbo, I’ve been really dedicating myself to making my blog the best it can be. Thank you to everyone I’ve followed so far for setting great examples and varied styles for me to learn from.

Tonight, my thoughts are on keeping my blog clean and smooth by keeping my posts organized but I admit it, I’m lost. I’ve mentioned previously about doing a couple of series’ or features and I was wondering if any of you could give me some advice?

One of those features (which I’ve done sporadically so far) is “Things I do when I’m not writing.” The other is my old “Superman Returns” sequel from eight years ago named “An Unfortunate Son.”

Is it best to run these on the same day every week or just throw them out there when the notion strikes me? I’m definitely a pantser when it comes to this blog but I’m hoping that keeping it more organized and setting up certain posts this way will keep it from getting out of hand and end up a mosh pit of disconnected ideas. I’m also hoping that readers who may be interested in either of these series’ will know when to come and get it. πŸ™‚

What say you?

9 thoughts on “Advice Please if You Have A Moment to Spare

  1. Judging from my blog, I may not be the best one to give advice here. I actually started mine just to put down whatever I felt with no real theme; writing is thrown in there once in a while. I was considering a separate blog of just my writing thoughts and I’m still thinking about doing that. With me, sometimes I just want to get things out, even when it doesn’t involve writing. You see how long my Facebook posts get, so this was a way I could write as much as I feel and only those interested could take a look.

    But to answer your question about when to throw them out, I think when the notion strikes is the best option. If you do it for the same time every week, you may come to that day and not be able to for whatever reason because of your schedule, or you just may not have anything to add. On top of that, something may come along before that day rolls around and then basically you would just be sitting on it until that day arrives.

    I’m probably breaking all the “rules” of blogging myself. πŸ™‚ But I think that with this being YOUR blog, you have the freedom to do anything you please. I usually read them all (unless I’m at work, because the government computers block WordPress for some reason) and they don’t seem disconnected or messy at all. I may be a little biased of course, but they seem just fine to me. πŸ™‚

    • Robert, your blogs are so insightful and from your heart. Granted, you do have a lot to say but it isn’t just ramble. You are passionate about so many things that it’s impossible to put all of that heart and soul into a couple hundred words. Thank you for you advice as well. I’m definitely leaning towards just going where my thoughts take me, wherever that may be. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m wary these days of committing to a definite time to post or do something, because something else inevitably comes up – so pantser all the way these days. Your site looks really fantastic by the way. πŸ™‚

  3. My blog is an everything blog, so I post whatever whenever the mood strikes. Some people like to schedule on specific days to help their readers know what to expect. It is your blog. I think you can do whatever is most comfortable to you. I will say, with as many posts as I read a day. I like to give time to all, so sometimes I don’t read more than one from an author in one day. My brain can only hold so much.

    • I agree. I used to peruse Facebook for news etc. but now I mainly read blogs. The variety of stories, opinions and personal adventures can keep me reading until I forget how long I’ve been on here. That isn’t always a good thing but you are all so talented and there is never a shortage of interesting blogs to read.
      So far, it seems everyone agrees–just do my own thing and post away but don’t get carried away and bog down your reader feed lol

  4. I do like when post series are done on the same day, just so as I know when to go look for it. But in the end it’s up to you, when you feel comfortable posting πŸ™‚

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