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An E-Mail that Blew My Mind – Second Place in the PubSlush-BookLogix Pitch Contest!

Is this real life?

I’ve been asking myself that for a week now. I entered this contest a few weeks ago. I pitched “The Blue Diamond – An Ivory Razor Adventure.” I love this book so much. This means more to me than anyone could possibly know.

Hello Peggy,

Congratulations! You are the second-place winner in the Fund Your Book Contest from Pubslush and BookLogix!

We will be in contact soon with more information on your prize from BookLogix.

I have also copied in Justine from Pubslush, and she and her team will be in touch with you about the prizes from Pubslush.

One Second Place winner will enjoy:

  • Gold Pubslush Prep package (see details below)
  • Exclusive Kickoff on the BookLogix Community Page on Pubslush
  • Free Book Cover Design from BookLogix
  • Author Feature on the Pubslush Blog and BookLogix’s Blog
  • Pubslush tote in the mail

Thanks so much and Congratulations!

Angela DeCaires
Publishing Director
  1. Publish. Print. Sell.
1264 Old Alpharetta Road, Alpharetta, GA 30005
Yes…I actually took a picture of it on my phone. Admit it, you would too.
I am beyond honored, thrilled, thankful and blessed right now. Thank you all for your support, encouragement and friendship. I’m over the moon.


Writer and Artist in no particular order of importance. They hold hands.

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