Double Book Review with P.S. Bartlett + exclusive Q & A

Thank you SO much Jim for taking the time to read not one but both of my novels and review them. I am so thrilled that you enjoyed them and are recommending them to your readers. Book bloggers rock!

Last Of The Authors



Fireflies is a beautifully told story of a big family living in 1800s America. The novel primarily revolves around the youngest member, Ennis, and his special gift. Each and every member of the family has their own unique character, a real sense of individuality in such a warm and loving household. I was pulled into not only a great read but I felt to feel part of the family too, sharing their every up and down as if it effected my life also. Particularly intriguing were the sub stories of how the parents, Owen and Sarah, moved over to the ‘promised land’ from their native Ireland. I found fireflies a truly enchanting read that took me to peaceful and simple times. I was enriched with the powerful story of one family and their secrets, hopes and desires. I took a keen interest in Teagan, the adolescent girl with big…

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