Every Inch of You is Perfect From the Bottom to the Top

I’ve been hearing this adorable and catchy tune on the radio all week so I just went and looked it up and here it is.

Now, here’s an interesting subject for discussion: Do you believe that this amazingly talented young woman is sending a positive body image message or is she doing what is being called by some of the posts on YouTube as “Skinny shaming?”

Here’s my opinion…It’s just a damn song.

BUT…I’ve been all about that bass my whole life so yes, I believe it’s an awesome message for women of all sizes and ages. I think some naturally thin women are missing the point here. This isn’t about attacking you for being thin. This about the artificial, photo-shopped, supermodel image that none of us can live up to…even naturally thin women which is why there are several naturally thin women in this video. The woman wrapped in plastic wrap in the video is a “symbol” of that image. She is not disrespecting thin women. She is calling out and shutting down the standard that ALL WOMEN should look that way.

As far as the “Skinny Bitches” reference, that is to the guys who refuse to date thicker women for the singular reason that they are, thicker. I’ve been there and yes, I’ve told at least one guy in my life, “You only date skinny bitches, right?”

The only “THIN” we should be worried about is how thin our skin is getting. I can hardly stand it anymore. Get over yourselves and stop taking everything so damn seriously.

Oh and she reminds me of my son’s girlfriend too so that’s another reason I like her! 🙂

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