Wikipedia says: The roots of the word have been defined[4] as follows: super- “above”, cali- “beauty”, fragilistic- “delicate”, expiali- “to atone”, and -docious “educable”, with the sum of these parts signifying roughly “Atoning for educability through delicate beauty.”

According to the film, it is defined as “something to say when you have nothing to say.”

Today was up and down. 

Up: I had three very cool features on the web. Two were interviews on two different book web sites and one was a feature on “Fireflies.”

Book Reader Magazine: Featured Author P.S. Bartlett
Awesomegang: Book Feature – FIREFLIES
Awesomegang: Author Interview – P.S. Bartlett

UP: I recieved my set up questionnaire from PubSlush for my campaign. Taking second place in the Pitch contest this week has definitely brought so many gifts and rewards. With this book funding campaign, I just might be able to take “The Blue Diamond” for a free spin or two on the big wheel of advertising. Marketing is expensive but great marketing sells books.

Down: I tried a new shampoo and conditioner this morning and my hair stunk. It smelled like I’d been hiking in the woods. I actually put hand lotion in my hair to mask the smell because it was so bad. I’m very sensitive to certain smells and this one just annoyed the hell out of me.

After work, I attended the farewell dinner for a coworker who is retiring. Tomorrow is her last day. We’ve been working together nearly ten years. I’m sad and I’m really going to miss her…a lot.

Near the end of this marvelous gathering, I felt a hot flash coming on. Unless you’ve had one, you have no idea how horrible you feel. I felt sweaty, funky and nauseous, topped off with my woodlands hair. I dashed into the house and went straight for a cool shower and my old shampoo. I felt 100% better. Fresh, clean PJ’s too and I smelled like flowers and Irish Spring again.

UP: I received a phone call at nine pm from one of my dearest friends who moved to Ocean City, MD many years ago. If we’re lucky we get to see each other twice a year. I smiled for almost an hour as we chatted.

Life is funny. No matter what happens in the course of the day, I can always count on my writing. I count on my continued growth as an author and my gradual ascent to where I know I’ll be when the time is right and I’m ready for it. The universe knows best so I will continue working hard to create stories that I love in hopes that YOU, the reader will love them too.

Why the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious reference at the top?

Because although I just told you all about my day, deep down, with every amazing thing that has happened in my writing life in the past week and a half…I’m still speechless.

The best days of our lives

Thank you for reading.

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