REVIEW: Fireflies by PS Bartlett


fireflies-coverFireflies is a beautifully written thought-provoking story that stirs your emotions and warms your heart.

Ennis is a very special little boy, with an equally special gift, a gift in which his family finds difficult to comprehend. A wounded bird that flies away, a badly cut hand suddenly healed, and a vanishing venomous snake bite are just a few of the phenomenons that occur when Ennis is around.

Set in the late 1800’s, Sarah and Owen Whelan are loving parents who live in a small town with their seven children, the youngest of whom is Ennis. Owen Whelan, is the town doctor and highly respected by everyone, so when Ennis repeatedly exhibits a remarkable ability that is not easily explained Owen decides to prohibit the family from speaking about it. As miracles continue to happen, Owen ultimately seeks advice from their pastor. Can the family ever come to terms with…

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