Hope From the Ocean – A Peek Into the Lives of the Flynns

Hope From the Ocean is missing some love from me. I go on and on about FIREFLIES but HOPE FROM THE OCEAN deserves a hug as well.

Author P.S. Bartlett


I wanted to share an excerpt from Chapter 3 of “Hope From the Ocean.”

This is but a sneak peek into the lives of the family Flynn and what makes them so special to me and to so many readers already.


By Christmas night, they were all stuffed fatter than the goose and huddled together for one of Loch’s tales. He was going to stick to the stories of the Bible but chose to veer from the course and snap them from their food-induced sleepiness with the story of Tír na nÓg.

“I love this story, Dillon,” Aideen whispered, sliding closer to him on the rug.

Dan watched from his usual place and reflected on the confrontation with Loch that morning. He wondered if perhaps he could be wrong about his eldest son and hoped whatever animosity Loch held towards Patrick would work itself out over time. Either way, he’d keep…

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