So I Did One of Those Free Numerology Things and…

I’m a naturally curious person. Tonight when this free numerology report popped up on my Facebook feed, I couldn’t resist just giving it a go to find out what it’s all about. Here are the results:

I’ve highlighted bits and pieces that actually make sense to me. Coincidence? Maybe…maybe not.

Free Numerology Mini-Reading For Peggy

Hi there Peggy,

Thank you for visiting my website and requesting this sample mini-reading and ongoing numerology tutorial.

Your Life Path Number

Your Life Path based on your date of birth is 9.

What Your “9” Life Path Says About You…

The number 9 Life Path usually includes one other person that is with you or is a heavy influence on you for your entire life. You might have a tendency to see your lover and yourself as one soul or one person….

You are a deeply spiritual individual who often displays a deep interest in religion or the occult at a very early age. In fact many nines grow up to be psychics, healers, priests and nuns. You probably feel responsible for keeping up the morality or spirit of mankind in some way, or even responsible for their very souls. This is why many nines also end up working for the law as policemen or judges or in some aspect of spiritual or psychological counseling.

The emphasis of your life path is on finding ways to communicate the divinity of man in a practical context. As many nines are also very artistic, this connection with the higher powers might also be expressed through a talent such as writing, music or painting.

At some point in your life you have probably sworn to yourself to make this world a better place. You are extremely compassionate and feel above the matters that you feel causes factions of society to be divided. You are very aware of feeling as insignificant as a grain of sand in the Universe and believe that materialism, prejudice and lust just don’t matter in the long run.

You have a charismatic and very open personality that attracts you a lot of friends. You are very social, sometimes at the expense of your other responsibilities. Sometimes a number nine might take too much time out during the day “to smell the flowers” and incur the resentment of those that are left to pick up the slack.

Your attitude towards life in general is very selfless and you usually have a good connection with God or a higher power. However often the number 9 faces a unique challenge at some point in his or her life that seems to be a test of faith. Usually this incident takes the form of a devastating personal loss, disease or some sort of tragedy. This triggers a period of time that lasts a few years that is often called the “dark night of the soul.” It is usually during this period of your life that you find the extreme courage and strength to become what is called a wounded healer.

Your life may seem too tough to handle at times which makes you vulnerable to finding substitutes for the family unit. As you are naturally very lonely and insecure, you are particularly vulnerable to joining a cult or becoming fanatical in the religious sense.

If you are a number nine you may find your life seems more difficult than others. This is because it is common human nature to take advantage of your compassion, empathy and generosity. It may seem unfair to you that others do not appreciate the spiritual gifts that you have to offer, especially when you demand so little materially from the world. This is part of the problematic path of the number 9 who is often fated to learn that the path of true compassionate does not necessarily result in spiritual rewards for the healer either.

Although you may feel quite clear about your divine purpose and goals in life, others may perceive you as weird or spacey. This is why it is often difficult for a number 9 to keep a job for long. Relationships might also be very difficult for a 9 to sustain, as this particular path is a rather lonely one. Part of the 9’s spiritual development is usually being presented with situations that force them to let go of emotional situations and connections that might interfere with the higher purpose that the cosmos has in store for them.

Your Expression Number

Your Expression – which describes your potential natural talents and abilities – works out to be a 5. It is calculated by converting all the letters in your full birth name into numbers, using the following chart:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

In practice, I put the vowels above the name and the consonants underneath. This is because your Soul Urge is derived from the vowels alone, so it makes it easier during the next step to do it this way.

Again there is one exception to the rule and this is with the letter ‘Y’. If it acts as a consonant and is pronounced it is classed as being a consonant. If it is not pronounced or acts as a vowel it is classed as being a vowel. The ‘Y’ in Yolande, for instance, would be classed as being a consonant, but the ‘Y’ in Larry would be classed as being a vowel as it acts as a vowel.

Let’s work out your Expression number, Peggy…

Using the above chart we would put a ‘7’ below the ‘P’ in your first name. We would follow this with a 5 placed above the ‘e’, then a 7 below the ‘g’, a 7 below the ‘g’, and so on…

We then carry on in the same manner with the rest of your name. When you are finished, you should end up with a chart like this:

5 7 3 5 1 5
P e g g y S u e B a r t l e t t
7 7 7 1 2 9 2 3 2 2

Now we simply add up the numbers in each row.

The top row: 5 + 7 + 3 + 5 + 1 + 5 = 26
The bottom row: 7 + 7 + 7 + 1 + 2 + 9 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 2 = 42

We now add the total of the top and bottom rows, which gives us 26+42=68. Adding 6 + 8 gives us 14. Adding 1 + 4 gives us 5. And so, Peggy, your Expression is 5.

What Your “5” Expression Says About You…

You are optimistic, inquisitive and embrace change. You are a freedom-loving individual who expresses their love of independence often through a bohemian or unusual life style. You are blessed with a brilliant creative mind that is never at a loss for a solution to a problem.

As your independence is so important to you, you thrive best in creative occupations that allow you a great deal of travel. You have an eye for design and appreciate the good things in life. In fact, you may spend a lot of your time trying to figure out how to get these things without having to work too hard.

If you are a typical five then you will meet with the most success by selling some aspect of yourself or your talent. The height of your personal expression is in your talent for persuasion. This is why you are best suited for jobs in media, marketing and design.

You very much believe that a person is defined by what he does and not what he wants to do so any business or project that you start will be very much branded with your personal flair. It is a number 5 that tends to name a business after himself or send out a resume with a photo.

When it comes to business you also tend to have a “hands on” approach as you rely a lot on your wit, charm and good looks to get what you want. Once the deal is sealed, however, you sometimes have difficulty seeing it through to completion. This is because your brilliant mind is captured by so many other interests that it is difficult for you to focus sometimes.

Sometimes your need to express your independence brings you to a critical point in both your professional and personal relationships. You are terrified of being stuck in one place or having your free spirit suffocated by labels and possessiveness. For this reason many of you feel quite suffocated in relationships or are unable to hold down a day job for any length of time.

You are very popular socially because you are the life of every party. You have light nimble mind and have excellent verbal skills. You also have enormous powers of analysis that gives you an edge when it comes to investing money, judging others and avoiding harmful situations.

You are also very accepting of new people and new ideas. The last thing that could ever be said of you is that you are closed minded. You will try anything once and you often respond willingly to a dare. However, sometimes your permissiveness leads to relationships with odd or unstable individuals.

Romantically others may find you hard to get close to as you would rather sit and chat than get intimate. Others fail to understand that the most valued expression of your love is the expression of your hopes and dreams to another.

You are also very pragmatic when it comes to all of your relationships and believe in treating everyone equally. Deep down you are very philosophical about relationships and believe that no person should be so important that he or she should have the power to make you happy or sad. This can often distress your soul mate who doesn’t feel that special in your presence. Part of your challenge might be showing through your actions, how loving all without sacrificing one can be achieved.

Your Soul Urge Number

Your Soul Urge, also called your Heart’s Desire, is a reflection of what you desire to be, to have, and to do in your life, Peggy.

Your Soul Urge is calculated by adding up all the numbers corresponding to the vowels in your full birth name. Using the cart above, you’d add up all the numbers in the top row.

The top row: 5 + 7 + 3 + 5 + 1 + 5 = 26. Therefore, Peggy, your Soul Urge is a 8.

What Your “8” Soul Urge Says About You…

You are one of the most spiritual complex and misunderstood numbers. Your ability to create wealth often fills your life with difficult relationships. Others may try to take advantage of you or try to make you feel guilty for your success. You are probably used to being described as greedy or shallow but usually the opposite is true. Often your devotion to keeping the free exchange of money flowing costs you dearly personally either through overwork or thanklessness from others.

In essence your number is about exchange – the exchange of things for profit. Although you are materially oriented you are not spiritually bereft. In fact, one of your most sophisticated spiritual qualities is your belief that all should wealthy and that all should benefit from your endeavors.

The highest expression of your soul urge number is when you are at the top of the food chain and dispensing goodies down to those who work for you or love you. You are a very trustworthy individual who is entrusted often with the task of caring completely for other people’s livelihoods. This is a huge responsibility and many simply don’t understand the challenge.

You are blessed with the tools that come in hand with being a great leader – foresight, analytical abilities and a great understanding of human nature. Your ability to sell ice to an Eskimo comes from a truly grounded and practical understanding of the wants and needs of humans. You are very astute when it comes to choosing partners and employees. You always assign people to roles that best suit their talents and resources and so that all benefit from your grand plans.

Usually it is an eight that facilitates the building of a church, day care center or opera house. Art and the theater truly do appeal to your brilliant mind. Many of you are excellent when it comes to choosing talent and putting it to work in your organization. You may also privately support an artist that you believe is adding beauty, meaning and order to the world.

Another soul energy that drives you is your need to demonstrate the circulation of love and prosperity in your life. If you are not making money, it seems to you like you are not being favored by the Gods or that you are on the wrong path. Like feng shui masters, you see the circulation of wealth in your life as evidence that love is blossoming in your life as well. This is because you are as equally concerned with attaining spiritual riches as you are material riches.

Many of you are natural born feng shui masters and have innate understanding of the use of space. For you beauty is a matter of form following function, so if it is useful it is beautiful to you. This is why many eights end up funding the design of grand buildings or malls or creating large corporations or organizations. In Biblical terms, you are the one who knows how to divide up a single fish to feed thousands.

You are also an extraordinarily kind person and one of your challenges may be about deciding who is a good risk to lend money to or not. For this reason, you can always expect some losses in your life due to the lending of money. If you are stolen from, your highest spiritual calling is to forgive the debt and realize that others simply don’t have the same natural knack for creating wealth that you do.

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