Welcome Author Wilson Feliz and His Book “Forbidden Forest – The Dragon Holder


Why I Began to Write the “Forbidden Forest” Saga
When leaving for war, the feeling I remember most, before writing The Dragon Holder was the emotion of fear as I tried to think of what the next year of my life would be like. I was not sure if I would make it and I almost couldn’t imagine myself getting on a plane to return home from the desert.
The flight was long, longer then most, I would say at least 14 hours or so.
While on the flight I remember looking around and seeing all those others wearing the same uniform as I looking depressed, a dull expression on their faces showed nothing close to happiness and the same anxiety I was feeling.
Since I was younger I can remember always writing, telling myself stories that took me away from my current situations that I felt I had to escape.
I suddenly pulled out my phone and went into my memos, and there I began to write a story filled with family, loyalty and love, a story of fantasy and the wonder of life. This story helped me get through that year of being so far away in an unknown place.
I have always been fascinated with the Fantasy world, you could ask anyone and they would tell you that I would always say,
“Anything a human mind can imagine is real”.
I know one thing, The Dragon Holder took an entire year to finish, I remember returning on the plane and reading the last few paragraphs of the story, and how it took me away from my current
situation and the stress I felt, it brought me to a world where everything was alright again.
I hope my story does the same for you, please do not forget to pass the word around, that a soldier is on the path to becoming to a full-time author and thank you so much for taking the time to read my novel. The next path in the journey is just around the corner!
The Forbidden Forest Series: Book One, The Dragon
Holder is a young-adult fantasy novel set in the magical land of Sindergan.
Once protected by the now-extinct dragons and their holders, Sindergan is under attack. The evil Decent Brotherhood and their shadow warriors will stop at nothing to destroy the kingdom and all the light within it. Hope for survival lies in the hands of twin witches, Hope and Destiny; a mage warrior, Anaya; an elf, Danche; an ogre; and Liam, the last dragon holder.

Wilson Feliz is a new Young Adult and Adult fictional writer based out of the United States. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Feliz
is currently serving his country as a member of the US Army.
While his day job keeps him grounded on whatever post he’s stationed at, Feliz’s work as an author allows him to whisk his readers away to different worlds at the turn of a page. According to Feliz, writing has always been an outlet. “Even when I was a kid, I’d write poems and short stories as a way to get out of my head and focus on something other than everyday life. My imagination was always a little strange and out there.”
It was his “out there” imagination that led Feliz to craft the world of Sindergan in his first full-length novel, The Forbidden Forest Series: Book One, The Dragon Holder.
“The Dragon Holder literally came out of nowhere,” Feliz stated. “I had read stories about dragons and fantasy worlds, but Liam’s story was something that came from my heart.”
It was Feliz’s strong family bonds and sense of loyalty that played heavily on the creation of his characters. “What you’ll see in all my books is that there is no bond like love…All of my characters have a
strong sense of loyalty and a deep need to protect their own. The Dragon Holder was my first attempt to express that part of myself. Yes, the book is a fantasy novel about a different land — full of magic and mystery — but at its heart, The Dragon Holder is about a young man stepping into his role as a protector, taking everything he learned as a boy and using it to take care of others.”
In his own life, Feliz takes his theme of family loyalty to heart. When he’s not writing, Feliz is a homebody who loves spending
time with his family.
Feliz is currently working on The Dragon Holder sequel, as well as a non-fantasy fictional novel, Mason Cartel.

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