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Got an email from Author Jan Sikes, about a very special lady and resource:

Hi, Chris.

I looked at the various resources listed for authors and here’s one that most any author could use. I’ll tell you a little about her, then give you the link to her webpage.

Her name is Angela J. Shirley and she is a virtual assistant.

She works exclusively with authors.

Why is she different?

Angela was laid off her corporate job in 2008 and being over the age of 50 has been unable to find steady employment since then.

She’s even suffered homelessness.

But, she’s an incredibly smart lady and decided to launch a virtual assistant website specifically geared toward authors in order to survive and keep a roof over her head.

I personally use her and can testify that she is one of the most efficient assistants anyone could ask for.

She does…

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Writer and Artist in no particular order of importance. They hold hands.

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